Adding Silica to Huel to help the formation of collagen in the body

Silica is great for the body. I havnt already seen it in the ingredients, why dont you put that in there?

Huel already has silica through its ingredients, it just is not listed on the label because it is not specially added nor is it considered an essential component.

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What else is included in Huel (by “piggy-backing” the core ingredients, e.g. Oats) that is not listed? Would be great to have some idea of what these are, even if deducing the quantities would be challenging. This would be especially important and transparent to list the known health hazards - like arsenic in rice.

Just like every other food, Huel contains lots of the elements from the periodic table and their chemical compounds. The ones with nutritional importance and/or danger are listed. The others are in trace amounts or not a concern from a nutritional point of view (e.g. silica, which finds its way into almost everything - it’s sand).

It would not be feasible at this moment to pay for tests for every possible element or chemical compound, and to put all that information on the label. Eventually, they might pay for those tests (but only if they can ensure consistent amount of those trace ingredients in the product, which is very hard), but not now.

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Thanks for that. Indeed, wouldn’t want to have to test every batch. On a related note however, a Batch Testing option (for the standard nutritional components) would be a very interesting idea. There are individuals (e.g. athletes) who already pay for Batch Tested products (e.g. protein powders) to be sure of the consistent quality (and the absence of any banned substances!).

We do test every batch, but not for full nutritional breakdowns. These are much more complex and expensive than checking that there are no harmful bacteria or banned substances. Although we’re not a protein powder, so why anyone would think we include banned substances I’m not sure (not saying you do!).

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Thanks for the reply. Of course! - I meant trace amounts of naturally occurring banned substances and/or contaminants.