For Huel staff - check out this all incluisve supplement

Great multivit profile with greens. Maybe Huel can get some ideas from this product?

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We have considered green powders, the problem is that the data on what vitamins and mineral they contain is very flaky to say the least. If you can show me an independent lab test for all the micros I would be interested.


Another problem is that green powders can stain your teeth. It’s fine if you are just going to mix some spirullina with some water and quickly down it, but not so good if it’s part of a meal drink which you drink all day. Back when I used to drink a lot of smoothies with green powders added to them, I would end up with green stains between my teeth which the dentist had to clean off.

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What Julian said. I’m sceptical about greens powders - if I were using them, I’d want to know what I was getting

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Is there any independent lab test for what is contained in Huel?

Well Huel is primarily oats, pea protein, flaxseed and rice. There is plenty of independent data for what’s in those things. Is there a particular ingreedient in Huel that you are struggling to verify the nutrition of?

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Yeah as advertised but any proof of this?

You would like independent evidence that Huel contains the things in the ingredients list?

I could be wrong but I think its very illegal to lie on your ingredients list. Much more illegal than being wrong about the potential nutritional content of the product, as nutritional content is difficult to measure properly, but ingredients are absolutely known.

What kind of proof would you be satisfied with?

Any form of 3rd party testing

Testing of what? The ingredients list, the nutritional profile or the possible outcomes of consuming only Huel?

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Would you take the 3rd party’s word for it, or would you need to see the lab test results yourself?

If the 3rd party is a trusted source and has no credible reason to lie or false claim then yes

We use a combination of data from suppliers, available nutritional data, tools such as, and more recently we have commissioned independent lab tests to make our data even more accurate. We have had independent lab tests on gluten, macro and micro info, etc. See example attached.

We have published the gluten tests - see here:


Thanks Julian. Just one thing to note is that both the first two links point at the Flaxseed analysis.


@zoltan thank you, that has been fixed.

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