Advice for first time/potential users

I’ve never tried any other meal replacement stuff before so it’s all new to me. However if like me you are reading these forums whilst deciding to take the plunge, I thought i’d try and answer the questions that i had.

What does it taste like?

After day 1 of breakfast and lunch I thought that I would have to be done with huel, I found it massively grim. It has that horrific diet coke aftertaste, which i assume is the sweetner. I’ve never got on with any kind of sweetner, or low fat alternatives. I refuse to use margerine. The following morning I thought i’d give it one last try, I read some posts about flavourings and decided to chuck a couple of shots of espresso in it to see if that worked. Problem solved. It still tastes faintly sweet but the coffee really helps the malty flavour to come through. At work we don’t have an espresso machine so i just use brewed coffee (not instant which is made by performing dark satanic rituals with coffee beans. True story)

Err it’s lumpy eww gross!

There are some posts that mention lumps or lumpyness, this sounds quite grim, and even one of the staff talks about this problem, I think hes the guy who invented the reciepe. However for me i just chuck it in the shaker, give it a whirl and it’s fine. There are a few lumps but these are not unpleasant. In context of mouth feel they break up in your mouth quickly and these seem to have a more distinct malty flavour than the rest of the drink and lend it texture.

Will you be hungry?

Yes, yes you will. There no getting around this if your stomach is used to solid, stodgy food you will feel hungry. But actually hungry is not really the right word. Shortly after finishing my breakfast shake i feel satiated but not full. Then up until lunch i feel more empty than hungry. This is an odd feeling and one that isn’t easy to describe. I have plenty of energy, and I don’t get those light headed low blood sugar moments, but theres nothing in my stomach which leaves me with rumbly tummy. This is still early days for me so not sure if my body will adapt to this, and in fact re-reading this paragraph i’m not satisfied it really explains what i mean, i just can’t think of a better way to express it.


Well the first couple of days i noticed i was getting headaches. I think because huel is a drink, and because i’m putting coffee in it i’d pretty much stoped drinking water or tea really, so make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Also if you are planning on replacing sausage and egg mcmuffins and pasties I can guarantee that you will be looking forward to dinnertime so much that you’ll be eating the most flavourful foods you can cook, I must be spending a tenner a week on ginger.

TL;DR Put coffee in it. Drink plenty of water

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