Advice regarding Huel and kidney stones

I have recently suffered from, and consequently had surgery for, kidney stones. On analysis they consisted of calcium phosphate and calcium oxalate.

I’ve been considering using Huel (probably for 2 meal replacements per day) but I am concerned that the relatively high levels of vitamin C and reasonably high levels of calcium may be a concern.

Am I right to be concerned? I will be running the same question by my doctor, but thought it was also worth asking here.

High levels of vitamin C over a long period of time has been linked to calcium oxalate kidney stones. However, this for people who take mega dose supplements of 1g+ daily. At 2k cals of Huel per day, it’s 300g vit C. At 2 meals per day, there is nothing to be concerned about.

A good calcium level is necessary for bone health, so if you’re only having 2 Huels per day, do make sure you’re getting calcium from elsewhere.

So at 120 times the mega dose, it’s nothing concerning?

I take you meant milligrams :smiley:

LOL - whoops - major type there!

Awesome! So is it fair to say that for any type of kidney stones, a diet of 100% Huel also wouldn’t add any significant risk?

Certainly want to point out that this would not be nitpicking Huel itself as even a relatively healthy modern diet add risk for kidney stones (and my current diet, which is relatively high in sodium, is definitely not low risk!).