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Didn’t mean to open up a can of worms, and was never going to give them huel as a complete form of nutrition as i don’t do that either, just wanted to find out if it was ok for them to try. And as for throwing them a shaker, I would
let them have a go at blending it first :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yup, equally as bad. Both have no defence, lazy incompetent parenting.

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I suppose coffee Huel could be seen as inappropropriate for children due to caffeine content. :thinking:

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I seriously hope you are joking

Never thought of the coffee thing like that

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For those interested in child and adolescent nutrition, the most comprehensive RDAs I’m aware of are the US & Canadian DRIs which can be seen here:

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Absolutely not, how can anyone possibly defend throwing Huel at their kids as a quick fix instead of teaching them the value of cooking, ingredients, recipes and nutrition?

Equally, how can anyone defend throwing a bag of jaffa cakes to the kids to shut them up?

I don’t really see any excuses for either…


As a child my Mum brought me up on a very narrow selection of foods. By the time I was old enough to realise everyone else was eating 10x more variety of food than me the damage was done. I have tried many different foods but whether my issue is psychological or physical I don’t know but the food generally goes back out the same point it enters, just faster.

I’ve had enough of it now I don’t experiment anymore. I eat what I eat and that’s that. I so grateful now Huel and similar products exist.

The moral of the story, do not bring your kids up solely on Huel and Jaffa cakes. As @GTIPuG says teach them the importance of cooking, ingredients, recipes and nutrition etc.


I like Jaffa cake :grin::grin:


thank you for clearing that up it has been host helpful, i think people should think a bit on this forum before commenting as being accused of lazy parenting to my kids is bit stupid as all i was trying to was find out if any level of hull was ok, at no pint did i say they were going to live on it, although as someone rightly it is a better diet option than what some parents give there kids i.e. take aways and coco pops and is properly cheaper,

is there away of blocking certain people from conversations

Hey Nathan, I don’t think anyone was making a personal attack on you. Take everything you read on the internet with a pinch of salt. Happy hulling