Alternatives to Huel in Canada

Moving back to Canada from the USA and would like to keep my routine of high calorie + protein + vitamins/minerals shakes. Anyone in Canada have suggestions of which brands or combination of products that one can use in substitution for Huel –– that hopefully won’t break the bank?

Cheers, thanks!


You can ship a few products from Europe to Canada (Can’t you ship Huel?), but your biggest ‘local’ brand is Hol Food.

A bit late to the party but let me help you out:

Local Brands:


  • Hol Food
  • Biolent.
  • Vitalhouse


Tudo is from New Brunswick. They import the main ingredients from far away lands (US, Australia and UK) and mix them with local goods. The result is a powder based meal replacement that is available in two flavours: Raspberry and Vanilla.

Each Tudo meal will give you 500kcal with a energy split of 39C/28P/33F . It is a vegan meal replacement, thus the protein will come from brown rice protein. The main fat sources are high oleic sunflower oil powder and flaxseed. Brown rice milk powder is the main source of carbohydrates, but it also includes brown rice sugar (10g per serving).


Hol Food is amManufactured in Toronto, they have been around for a while; but they limit their trade to North America. They only produce a single powder meal replacement in two flavours: Chocolate and Vanilla (not sure about availability).

Hol Food offers 400kcal per serving, which 45% come from carbs , 36% from protein and 19% from fats . Hol Food is not a vegan shake, since most of the protein comes from whey. Fat sources include whole milk powder and canola oil; whereas carbs come from rice flour and organic cane sugar, mainly. According to some Hol Food reviews, the new formula highly improves the texture and the flavour over the previous one; and it is highly though o.

Each 400kcal meal will cost you 2.96 CAD , but this will include free shipping . Hol Food also ships to the US, but not overseas.


Biolent is another Canadian meal replacement manufacturer. Unlike the other 2, they offer a wider array of powder meal replacements: Biolent Original, Biolent Flex (double the protein) and Biolent Keto. However, all three options only come in a single flavour: Vanilla .

All Biolent shakes are vegan . The ingredients are a mix of imported and local ingredients. Each shake offers 500kcal and the macronutrient distribution depends on the product. Biolent Original is 53C/15P/32F ; whereas Biolent Flex is 36C/31P/33F ; and Biolent Keto 16C/23P/61F .

Prices vary depending the product, Original costing 2.86CAD/400kcal ; Flex costing 3.14CAD/400kcal ; and Keto 3CAD/400kcal . Shipping is free within Canada for order above 90CAD.

Vitalhouse is the last Canadian brand on the list (currently). They offer a sport oriented powder meal replacement, Athlete Fuel, in pouches and already bottled formats. The flavour range, similarly to the other brands, is limited to Vanilla and Chocolate .

Athlete Fuel is a vegan shake that contains no soy , no GMO ingredients and no gluten . They also use many organic fruit and vegetable powders to add antioxidants and other phytonutrients to the shake. Each meal provides 400kcal with a energy split of 40C/29P/31F .

They offer free shipping in orders above 70 CAD and they also ship to the US . The pouches cost 5.21CAD/400kcal and the bottles 6.25CAD/400kcal .

From EU to CAN
Meal replacement companies that currently ship to Canada include:

  • Ambronite . An organic, real food based premium shakes.
  • Queal . The Dutch company that offers a wide array of products (4 shakes, a bar and a nootropic supplement).
  • Jimmyjoy . Plenny Shake might be the cheapest meal replacement, with little to no sacrifices in nutrition and taste.
  • Pulve . A vegan meal replacement very similar to Huel, that is one of the best meal replacements in the market. Also offers free worldwide shipping in orders above 72 meals (197CAD).
  • Getlently . From the Netherlands to the world, they offer good tasting shakes (powder), but the shipping will be expensive.
  • Shake2day . Another Dutch manufacturer that offers 3 different powder meal replacement and a bar. Once again, the shipping will cost you as much as the order itself.
  • [ Jake ]). One more company from the Netherlands that offers a light, a standard and a sport meal replacement, as well as a bar. While they classify it as free shipping, the costs, a 10.5% import duties, plus a brokerage fee (C$10-26) , plus the HST/GST/PST will be included. Thus a product that costs 175CAD in Europe will cost you 214CAD. Not the worst.
  • Vitaminfood . Once again a Dutch company that offers a meal replacemt powder in 4 different flavours. The shipping costs are 20CAD which seem to include taxes.

From US to CAN:

  • Superbodyfuel . They subsidise orders outside the US, so your shipping will not be much of a problem. They offer powder meal replacements that then you need to add oil or milk to (depending the product).
  • Sated . A brand focused on keto meal replacements, they currently only offer a powder based product, but the RTD is coming on February 2019. The shipping costs start at 45CAD.
rand Type C$/400kcal Shipping** Features
Biolent P 2.86 Free V,K*,S*
Hol Food P 2.69 Free
Tudo P 3.5 Free V,GF
Vitalhouse P 5.21 Free V, GF, S,SF, NG
Ambronite P 7.94 Free V, NG, SF
Jake O P,B 5.34 Free*** V,S*
Jimmyjoy P,B,D 1.82 111+ V,S*
Pulve P 2.97 Free**** V,NG,SF
Queal P,B 2.13 71 V*,S*
Shake2day P,B 2.70 Varies V*,S*
Vitaminfood P 2.64 20 V
Superbodyfuel P 3.27 Free S*,K*
Sated P,D* 3.92 Varies K

Labels :

  • ***** Means that one of the product is but not all are.

  • ****** Shipping is without import taxes and values are in CAD.

  • ******* Jake offers free shipping but the total price of the product will increase, because you will have to pay for taxes and brokerage fees.

  • ******** Free above C$200.

  • Varies : It will depend on the size of the order. A good rule of thumb is at least half of the cost of the products.

  • V : Vegan.

  • S : Sport.

  • K :Keto.

  • NG : Non-GMO.

  • GF : Gluten-free.

  • SF : Soy-free

  • P : Powder meal replacement.

  • B : Meal replacement bar.

  • D : Ready to drink.

Sorry if there is something odd, but all this is taken from my article about Canada and MR:

Regarding to your query of high protein, high calorie:

  • Vitalhouse from Canada
  • Athlete Fuel (From superbodyfuel)
  • Pulve (kind of)
  • Queal Athletic.

EDIT: Took the links to individual reviews out.


I love this forum, there’s always someone who’s a bloody expert in your (seemingly) niche question. Well done latestfuels on this month’s most thorough and well-researched response


Thank you so much LatestFuels! Ditto RyanT on the amazingly thorough answer. This definitely answers my question. Mad praise <3 THANK YOU!!


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I reckon the best thing to do is to organize a rowing or some sort of challenge. Like "British Empire Huel edition.

Then you might get Huel to sponsor the trip and you would be able to get it there. If that ain’t working for you, I would ask for air supply.