Huel for Canada - 2024? Please?

I’ve researched a lot of stuff online, and you’ve sold me on it: I want to try Huel. But I’m in Canada, and I’ve read the earlier threads from years (and years) ago… but… laws and regulations change, Huel’s product line keeps changing, at least one Huel competitor is selling shake powder as “food” here, “nutritional liquid” is a thing on our store shelves, there are all kinds of new bars and such now available in grocery stores, etc., etc…

Dear Huel:

Do you have ANY edible/drinkable products whatsoever that you could legally sell in/to Canada? Anything? At all? Are you 100% sure that even now, even today, you still don’t have even a single healthy product to put in a for-Canadians online or physical storefront?

I just had to ask. (I’m hungry…)

one of my best friends lives in Vancouver and would LOVE this so +1 for any updates :crossed_fingers:t2:

This has been a frequently askes question and sadly the answer is the same, not right now!

There’s a really handy forum conversation a few years ago which answers a lot of points - Shipping to Canada?

Of course, we are always exploring different options so this could be something we see in the future but for now sadly it just isn’t an option :heart:

Thank you for responding. I read that six-year-old thread more than once before starting this one.

The Huel product range has changed and expanded over the years… new bowls, new bars, etc. And some Canadian regulations have changed; e.g., one change related to permissible Vitamin D levels was noted by a poster in that thread. Hence why I asked about your entire current product line.

Personally, I’m particularly confused as to why, apparently, none of your snack bars can make it in under any possible category. Or would you have to cut them in half and sell us a “mini” version in order to somehow avoid being classed as a “meal replacement” or something? (I’d try a mini version, if that’s actually what it took to get them here…)

Hi @Canuck - great question.

We haven’t looked at some of our newer range to see if they would be Canada-complient without any tweaks yet. But we’d need our core products - regular Powder, Black Edition, RTD - to work for there to be a business case. There’s a lot that goes into launching into a new country, espcially one as large as Canada. New staff, specific logisitics, new labels, new regs.

(Personally, I’d like to launch there asap, but it’s got to be the right time! :wink:)

I understand, especially about the business case aspect. The easiest way for you guys to sell the main products here would presumably be finding some obscure/creative/newly possible way to sell unchanged products with different labels, potentially ones that would not allow Huel to make many of the same health-related claims in Canada as elsewhere. Not your first choice, I’m sure, but…

Anyway, to be clear, I’m not asking for a Canadian office, or even a distinct Canadian website. I don’t even mind paying in USD, as I do for many other things that I have shipped here from the States (things that, admittedly, are not usually food). Ditto paying in Euro or some other currency.

Perhaps there is or will be a way to do something of a ‘mini-launch’ of some products.

Maybe there’s a chain store, Canadian online store, health food store, and/or even some specialty importer that can partner with you in a way that reduces your launch expenses and lets them make money too while selling some Huel products for either less than what it currently costs us to import them from the States via per-consumer crossborder shipping services or simply in a more convenient way than those services.

You folks are creative… :slight_smile: