Always double chin..:(

I started my workout for losing subcutaneous fat from march 1and till now a small amount of result is visited. I started my training schedules from this, I am doing all the sentences as per mentions without any gap, I know its long way to run have 82 kg weight and according to length measurements I have to contain weight 51 kg, am trying so hard mostly for my face, double and neck fat. Day by day i am losing patience to continue this schedule, reason is after doing lots of efforts still a few changes are being shown. if anybody is going through same condition then please share…

The fat around your (and my) neck (I hate it too) is proportional to the rest of fat on your body. It actually works out that your neck circumference is about half your waist circumference. You can’t rush one body part ahead of the others, just aim for losing weight and the neck fat will eventually disappear.


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Chin chin!

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Horrendously misleading and stupid article linked.

If your face is fat, you’re likely just fat overall. No offence, but it’s just the way it is.

Eat in a deficit for a month and you’ll see your face lose fat with the rest of your body.


@Jay …Thanx…
Although, Since I can remember, I have always been one of the fatty girls out of my classmates. Honestly, I don’t have one particular story where I was discriminated against because of my weight. It’s been a constant thing. I’m the last person to be selected during gym class; everybody says they don’t want me to sit in their chair out of fear that I would break it.

thanx…i m trying… HOPE…is the best thing …to have

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@million1 probably best not to post any more dodgy links.

its best thing if you read first, its efforts of others to educate, cant say that it’s a shitty thing, it will be kind if You just read and tell what are the wrong things they have written over there, it will help me too…

Jennifer, you cannot ‘spot fix’ fat issues (bums, tums, chins e c… The
problem has to be dealt with within an overall weight loss programme… The
link looked suspicious and advertised dubious looking equipment… Hence my

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Thank You, i appreciate your efforts, i have no intention to harm anyone, its just my experience. not an advertisement.

All you need to do is to follow a proper diet and do some facial exercise.

You need to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight.
You can’t lose weight from one point, there is no spot reduction.
You will lose weight from overall body.
The best part is that, your face is the first part from where your body starts losing weight.
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