Animal and eco friendly?

Long time Huel user - was discussing it with a vegan friend who is trying to be more mindful in food choices.

The following questions were asked of Huel as a company and I wondered if anyone had a response?

‘What farms do they use? What agricultural practices? How do these farms handle pest issues? Do they utilize no-till soil building techniques or zero herbicide/pestices? What ecosystems have been altered in the production of this food? What resources are used in the transportation, processing and packaging?’

I didn’t know enough about it; Huel ticks all the boxes for my needs.

Some farms from EU, some farms from outside EU. Last time Huel tried investigating with their supplier, the supplier was unable to answer more specifically.

The supplier was unable to answer this question. It is safe to assume they use standard agricultural practices for products to be sold on EU market - nothing special done purely for Huel.

Same as every other farm presumably - they get rid of pests by any means necessary. Otherwise it would not be financially feasible.

No farm in existence is using zero herbicides/pesticides if they want to make sufficient surplus food. Organic farms are the most problematic in this regard, because they use more pesticides/herbicides than conventional farms - while giving consumers a false idea that no pesticides/herbicides are used at all.

Huel is a very small company with a very niche product. No ecosystem has been altered to specifically cater for Huel.

Same as for any other food. Transportation occurs by typical transportation means from across the world, is processed by standard food factories, and is packaged by typical packaging methods.

Tell your friend that Huel is just food - nothing less, nothing more - produced by an small EU company adhering to EU standards. It is not destroying the world any more than any other product on the market.


Thank you for your thorough response :slight_smile:

Will let him know!

Tell your mate it doesn’t contain palm oil…that satisfies most vegans these days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for raising this; the practices of our suppliers are at the forefront of our mind. At the moment we are collating information about this which we will have for you in time. I assure you however that we require the highest quality ingredients to make Huel and our suppliers all meet the required levels of certification for selling products within the EU and USA.

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I was wondering if the data you mentioned in the comment above has been collected yet. Specifically I am interested in the use of Palm Oil or any other product such as soy that has a reputation for deforestation. It would mean a lot to know that I am not supporting businesses that turn a blind eye to the destruction of the environment and people’s homes. My home is unfortunately the victim of such activity.

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