Any experience with Huel in carry-on luggage?

Has anyone taken Huel and a shaker in their carry on luggage through security at airports? Are there any problems to be expected? I would especially interested in experiences of not carrying the entire Huel bag, but just a container holding enough Huel for a day or two + an empty shaker?


I can’t say about that much, but I’ve spoken to people before who have gone through security with enough powder for a meal in their shaker. It’s just food, and you’re allowed to take food through, so I couldn’t see why it would be an issue logically. Though I’m sure airport security could find a way!

Thanks for the response @Gulliver_Huel

I have two specific concerns:

  1. Could the shaker as a container larger than 100ml be an issue (even if empty)?
  2. Will a box / bag of of yellow powder arise suspicion?

I am fine with swaps for explosives (which I assume Huel won’t trigger), but I’d rather not find myself in an interrogation room.

The shaker if it has no liquid in shouldn’t be an issue no.

Powders should be okay as they are often taken through customs, whether it be makeup or baby powder. I can’t be absolutely certain as I haven’t done it myself, but from speaking to others it should be okay.

I’ve done multiple flights, Europe and Asia - no issues in hand or checked luggage
I usually take 2 shakers; one empty, one full of Huel with scoop which saves me from the horrors of hotel breakfasts (chicken sausages / pork free bacon and communal serving spoons)
I’ve been quizzed about the Huel powder quite a few times, this is mainly due to staff just being inquisitive so I carry the Huel A4 info sheet which always goes down well
Due to Huel’s ‘rugged’ consistency it looks more like ‘food’ rather that very fine white protein or creatine powder which could be mistaken for other similar looking substances
But remember to declare it on your customs forms!
I’ve got a trip soon to Australia and New Zealand and probably wont take Huel with me as they are very strict on food control
Also double bag your Huel; a Huel ‘explosion’ due to Aircraft pressures would not be fun to clean up!

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Thank you, @SunnySussex. Carrying the A4 info sheet is a good idea. I’ll do that.

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No problem for me at all, I crammed 3 days worth of Huel (in individual bags) into a couple of shakers. Went through security with them in my cabin baggage with no questions asked. This was a flight from Edinburgh to Bremen.

Empty bottles are fine. At Heathrow I take a 2lt empty bottle and fill it up at the water fountain when I get past security. I’m not paying WHshits £3 for a 500ml bottle of water.

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I have been wondering this also. This is my first week using Huel and I travel back and forth weekly between Gatwick and Hamburg. I am taking a partial bag and a shaker through tonight in my hand luggage and let you know the result.

Just been through Gatwick and they had no issues with an opened bag of Huel or the shaker.

Echoing above, airlines tend to be fine with it as it’s a fairly regular occurrence for body builders/sports people to bring protein powders with them.

The advice is always to keep it in its original (opened) packaging (I.e. Bring an open huel bag with the amount you need inside it and the shaker separate).

Countries which prohibit seeds (Australia, NZ etc) will not allow it through customs and fine you if not declared though.

I have just spent a week travelling Europe, including 4 flights with only carry-on luggage. I took my shaker with a plastic jar inside it containing Huel powder on all the flights. The scoop was also packed into the shaker. At the first two airports I didn’t take it out and put it in the tray with my electricals etc and both times my bag was separated off and searched. The last two flights I took the shaker out and put it in the tray so they could see it clearly. Both times they still picked it up and asked for clarification of what it was.

My take-home from this is that, when carrying small amounts of decanted Huel, make sure it’s very easy for them to examine and that you put it in the tray for easy inspection. My explanation of it as “protein powder” was acceptable every time :slight_smile: