Any likelihood of chocolate flavoured huel (like christmas pudding)

Any likelihood of chocolate flavoured Huel (like Christmas pudding). Really like the idea of integrated flavoured Huel out of the bag if it’s possible. I expect it depends on popular demand as there is such variety in how people have Huel.

By the way love the bars.

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One alternative would be to add some of the chocolate flavour pack to a bag and give it a good shake. They recommend a ratio of 2%, so if my calculation is correct that means 35g of flavouring into a 1.75kg bag of vanilla Huel.

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Cool i’ll give that a go.

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second that on releasing a chocolate flavoured huel.
I’m using the huel flavour powder which is good, but i’d buy an all in one bag if it were sold

Cool idea and we are considering that or something similar. Thanks Marcus for the calculations!

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Just add 10-20g (depending on taste) of cocoa powder to vanilla Huel! Great made with almond milk!

Would also be keen for a premixed chocolate flavour…

(And hope Christmas Pudding makes a return next year - hated it initially, but I’m now hooked and down to my last bag)

I had some Christmas Pudding flavour for my lunch today.