Any plans to makes Huel Bars/Granola low FODMAP?

Just wondering if there was any future plans to make the Huel Bars/Granola low FODMAP like Huel Powder?


What is low FODMAP exactly?

Probably some nonsense term which allows companies to maximise revenue by advertising placebo products with the description “Low FODMAP”, only for consumers to gobble it up.

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Hahaha!! GTIPuG, you’re funny! Love that answer!

Low FODMAPs are very useful for IBS and there is great science behind the approach. It’s not a fad and many people genuinely need to avoid FODMAPs

You can’t just ‘make’ foods low FODMAP though, there are so many ingredients to consider. It would be a different product entirely and not nutritionally complete. I can’t see us achieving low FODMAP with bars and Granola. Indeed, is there even such a thing as a low FODMAP granola?


Surprised James wasn’t doing any self promotion here for his hugely informative article about FODMAPs! Here it is to save his blushes, gosh aren’t you just so modest James :heart_eyes:


I can’t take the credit for that article @Tim_Huel - we outsourced that one to a dieititan FODMAP expert!


The exact sort of thing someone as modest as you would say. Classic James.


IBS is no fun, believe me. Low FODMAP foods and Huel powder in particular, has helped my digestive system no end. I can manage to eat 60g granola for breakfast and an occasional half a Huel bar without too much discomfort now. Overstep the mark with more high FODMAP foods than that will completely tip the balance for me. We are not all idiots you know.