Is Huel actually low FODMAP? Digestive discomfort

According to Monash University, the researchers who developed the low FODMAP diet, flaxseeds and oats can be high FODMAP in large quantities. Large serves (>100g) of oats contain high amounts of Oligos (fructans and GOS). Even small serves of flaxseed (>15), e.g. two tablespoons are high in Oligos (GOS).

Considering that Huel is primarily made up of oats and flaxseed, it makes me question whether it is actually low FODMAP and safe for most IBS sufferers.

Any thoughts?

Hello - there is an information article on this subject here and many forum threads too which you can search through.

While the article states that 3.0 and Black Edition powders are low, Huel Ready-to-drink, Huel Bars and Huel Granola are not low FODMAP.

I have looked at the website and forum but they don’t address my question. Powdered Huel is considered low FODMAP yet it is based on oats and flaxseed which are high FODMAP in large servings. There is no information on how much Huel would be considered low FODMAP.

OK - there are plenty of IBS sufferers on here so perhaps they can pitch in.

I’ve had IBS since 1984, though not diagnosed until 2009. I’m on 8 Loperamide per day on prescription. Huel has never given me any digestive problems. I’ve been a user for several years. I relied on Huel every day I was working. I’m now retired but still enjoy Huel - powder and bars - and Huel is still part of my life

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I’m on a low FODMaP diet because of my IBS (I have it severe and since I was very young) and lactose intolarance (which I found out 8 years ago) & fructan intolerance (which I found out when I started the low FODMap diet 2 years ago). I use Huel since last year. At first only Powder (white). And I feel great. But I did a switch to Huel Black, because that one has no Oats. I also have the bars and I can have one a day. With these problems you can only try and figure out what works for you.

Good luck!

Huel Powder is low FODMAP. Levels of oligosaccharides in Huel Powder v2.3 came back undetected and we are just waiting on the v3.0 results.

Levels vary in ingredients between regions, varieties etc.


Any update on the oligos level in v3.0?
Are/will all of the tests published somewhere?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Also wondering what percentage of Huel is oat and flax, so even if there are high oligos you could work out how much Huel you could have to remain low FODMAP for that meal.
Oh, and are there any flavour/flavour packs not considered low FODMAP?

Sorry for not following this up. The results for v3.0 are also below levels of detection.

The flavour boosts are not considered low FODMAP however, you use such small amounts that they shouldn’t cause any issues.