Anyone else with an autoimmune disease?


I’ve started using Huel in an attempt to improve my Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s a painful and debilitating condition so I’ll try anything on the off chance that it’ll help.

There are lots of RA diets out there, but the evidence is very vague and they are not easy to stick to.

You are supposed to start with a week being vegan, teetotal, caffeine free, minimal sugar, nightshade free (e.g. potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers) and legume free.

The plan is that each following week you add back items to find out what triggers the autoimmune response that lies behind the painful RA symptoms.

I’ve always wanted to try the diet properly, and have really struggled to do so, for fairly obvious reasons. It’s a miserable process for a food lover like me (and I’m a strict vegetarian to start with so going vegan isn’t that much of a leap).

I do know that if I fast my RA goes away, so while I’m not a fan of the many ‘quick fix’ diet books out there, I am convinced that there is a relationship with food / gut bacteria.

My plan is to use Huel for breakfast and lunch and then a diet friendly dinner.

Anyway - very interested to hear from anyone else with an autoimmune disease who is eating Huel and whether you are seeing any health benefits.

thanks Sarah


I also have rheumatoid arthritis- diagnosed just over two years ago.

I am interested in the relationship with food / gut bacteria and am open to trying anything to see if it helps.

I started Huel in May for this reason and am also taking a vitamin d3 supplement every day (1000 IU, Solgar brand from Holland and Barrett) on top of this due to reading about the link between vitamin d deficiency and RA.

It’s early days but I have already noticed that I have a lot more energy and currently have no inflamed joints. I am taking medication for my RA but this has often still left me with two affected joints and fatigue. My right thumb joint is currently the most normal it’s looked since it first flared over a year ago!

I am wondering if Huel has been helping you?



Thanks for the feedback. Very interesting to hear about your experience with Huel in conjunction with your condition.


I have just ordered my first order of Huel. I have Ulcerative Colitis, that is well controlled by meds, but there is some evidence that flares (bouts of irritation in the bowel) can be caused by food. In particular short chain carbohydrates (oligosaccharides etc.) so i am curious about what Huel contains in terms of short chain carbs. That said, I don’t watch my short chain carb intake when I am well so I am excited that Huel will give me the nutrition I need in an easily digest-able manner.

Apologies, just saw there is an IBD / Chrones / Colitis thread. Also, dug a little deeper on the site and learned that Huel is low FODMAP - which answers my question (not that I posed it as a question).


I would be keen to hear of people’s progress with controlling their symptoms with a diet replaced or supplemented with Huel.

I’m a 46 yr-old male, and I’ve had R.A. and psoriasis for years, and although it’s much better thanks to changing my diet (mostly minimising gluten and dairy), and weight training, I still haven’t found a good dietary balance. My symptoms have been a bit worse lately - mostly due to the occasional relapse in my eating habits. I think stress and too much sugar are also factors.

I’ve been using Huel for breakfast and lunch over the past week or so, but I’m considering going 100% Huel for a short while to see how my joints react.

Any inflammation victories being won out there?