Huel and autoimmune disease

Hello everyone

I am looking at changing my diet to improve my ankylosing spondylitis a type of arthritis triggered by a bacteria in the gut that effects the joints in the spine.

After watching “what the health” documentary it was discovered that by going Vegan peoples ailments from arthritis to diabetes had lessened and in some cases been cured.

I am wondering if anyone on a Huel diet have had improved gut and health improvements or has the Huel diet made anything worse?

Any advice and experiences are welcome, I am looking to start with Huel this week.

Many thanks



I’m one week in with two auto immune diseases. My cravings to eat loads has all gone which was the only thing I had left to tackle from my Graves. Cealiac - obviously gluten free Huel but my stomach is stabilising after 6 years in a week ! I will also say that in December I cut meat out and all my bloods dropped dramatically to normal but my meds sent me into underactive hoping to stabilise this again.

Huel seems to be helping my stomach rather than what others have experienced !


Hi Fin

Thank you for your feedback, I am going to try it tomorrow just one meal a day and see how I get on. I’ll of course let everyone know my progress.

Good luck and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Hi James

I also suffer from AS.
I am one step from biologics…and i want to be sure before I go that route that i exhausted all other options.
Did you try your HUEL only diet?
Did it helped?

Thank you for letting me know


I’ve got celiac disease and other automimmune problems.
Was fine on Huel for 3 weeks, apart from the “bits” in it making me cough.
Took it slowly and built up to 400g a day, then one day felt ill after drinking it and had severe chest pain Saw Dr and had tests to rule out heart attack.
Was told my the pain was due to an inflammed oesophagus caused by an autoimmune reaction to oats.
So of course I stopped the Huel. Chest pain lasted for 2 days then gradually eased off.

That is not good, and I am sorry to hear that.
Which means that oats can also cause reaction.
I just want to try a diet where i remove everything i can, and not starve in the process, and test if my autoimmune improves.
There is supposed to be a link between food and autoimmune.

Are you on biologics?