Anyone want to swap my Thai Green Curry Hot & Savoury?

I’ve got a few too many (unopened) Thai Green Curry Hot & Savoury.

Would anyone like to swap a few bags of my Thai Green Curry Hot & Savoury for your:
Mac & Cheeze
Cajun Pasta
Mexican Chilli

Appologies if swap requests aren’t allowed. I did serach and saw there were some old ones.

I’m in England.


You can return them :slight_smile:

There’s a Huel Facebook group: Huel buy sell swap someone there may be interested.

Or sell it on eBay for more than you paid.

Thanks, will give that a go!

Is there really a profit to be made flipping Huel on eBay?

seems like it. eBay is full of sellers, shifting it for more than Huel does. There was another recent thread about it.