Anyone wants to buy two huel bags for £25 delivery excluded

I no longer want to use it. I am going back to my high protein low carb diet and huel is high carb based.


1 vanilla 1 chocolate

Unopened? Roughly what part of the world?

Unopened I got it on the 3rd of september

I live in london

Unfortunately I don’t live in London anymore but I’m sure you’ll be able to find a buyer on here. Alternatively this thread may interest you: eBay sellers scam or not

I just listed some on eBay:

…free postage too.

That’s not you… is it???

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No. LOL. I’ll stick with my bestselling Huel rip-off mugs.

Thought I’d check to see exactly what eBay sellers were doing. Interesting.

Mmmmm… Is that the missing crate of Vanilla that got robbed and ended up in the Wirral?

The seller is based in the Wirral, what’s the story with the missing crate?

@RyanT lol just joking mate no story unless Del boy has shipped it up north and selling knock off Huel by the crate load for £999
Or maybe it’s the new way to sell cocaine in bulk in Huel bags


Sold out! I repeat Sold out!!

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