eBay sellers scam or not

how can this eBay seller be undercutting the price i can buy direct from huel

Maybe somebody buying a huge amount in bulk on subscription and then selling on for a small margin on eBay? Not sure… could just be someone shifting stock that they no longer want. Doesn’t look like a scam to me

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Almost certainly not a scam. Seems like a fair price to me. Not exactly making a mint there.

ÂŁ36.99 for 2 bags and free shipping? I thought shipping was really expensive for the weight of 2 bags. Even if they are buying on subscription and selling how do they make a profit from that? I see on that listing they have sold over 70 bags so far.

It’s @Dan_Huel filling up the boot of his car round the back of the factory


Is it legal to set up your own shop on eBay? Like can I buy loads of confectionary or groceries in bulk from Costco for example and sell it for a small profit on eBay?

Yes you can do that but you would have to register as a business seller rather than private on ebay.

What do you think most eBay sellers do?

Purchase from AliExpress in bulk, ship it over, flog it.

Hoverboards were incredibly lucrative for example, $110 each in bulk, £300 to sell…

Huel frosted shaker from Huel £4, Don’t know how much the postage is though.

On eBay I seen Huel frosted shaker ÂŁ9.99 with free postage.

Yeah I understand the concept I’m asking if in the UK it’s legal to set up an online grocery shop reselling products from other stores. Is there not some sort of retailers license you need? I suppose not

No it’s not illegal. And actually…

An old article but still rings true today. Many places do it.

I was in a small indie grocer in a village in Powys, Wales a few years ago and they were selling several Sainsbury’s branded products. Buying stuff from a cash and carry these days is often more expensive than in supermarkets. Especially when there are Bogof offers etc.

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Yeah it’s really common and many places do it. Doesn’t matter if its a small shop or someone doing it on ebay, all legal so long as you don’t use the brands logo to advertise your shop.

@hunzas is that meant to say bog roll offers?
Any good for you?

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That’s not a good start to the forum…posting your first post and then deleting it. Don’t think I’ve seen that before. We don’t bite. Say what you think and stick to it.

I don’t think it’s a Scam. Some eBay people buy things, don’t like them and sell them below market price to get rid of them quickly.

It was in invitation to look up “drop selling”, which I have come across before actually. If I recall correctly, it’s the idea of setting up an online shop using one of those pre-built shopping interfaces like Shopify, but all your “products” are actually marked-up versions of cheap products on Alibaba etc, and when a customer buys a product through your site, the platform just orders the product through alibaba and ships it to them and you make a small profit without ever holding any stock or actually doing anything. Depending on how successfully you make cheap crap look amazing, you could put ridiculous markup on each product.

However, from what I remember, most successful dropsellers actually make all their money by selling their “exclusive technique” to unwitting idiots who want to get rich quick.

Here’s the podcast where I learned about it: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/gimletmedia.com/amp/shows/reply-all/dvhe3l

It’s called reply all and it’s really good!

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Not a Scam, I purchased a bag on EBay it was very cheap but with a short use by date.

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…oddly specific… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you never seen Phil Boy at the car boot sale. Normally wearing a sheepskin coat, smoking a cigar and driving a bright yellow Robin Reliant? He sells hoverboards and dead squirrels. One day he’ll be a millionaire Rodders.