Selling 2xPowder v2.3 - £35


I’m selling bags of Huel Powder v2.3.
I have “vanilla”, “coffee”, “original”, and “unflavoured & unsweetened” bags available. They are all unopened.

I’m asking for £35 with free postage to wherever you live in the UK. Paying either through Paypal or, if you’re open to it, bank transfer.

PM for more details.

Many Thanks.

Hmm, you do realise that isn’t much of a saving for the purchaser (especially a subscriber)… What you could do is return them for a refund, or even better, advertise them as single bags for say £20 quid as there are lots of people out there who want to try Huel but don’t want to but 2 bags in case they don’t like it.

Just a thought…don’t have to do what I say.

Or you could just stick it on eBay…people charge silly money for it there.

Reduced it to £35. We’ll see how it goes.