Do people sell fake huel?

Does the back of this bag and batch number look legit?
Me ever the pessimist is always skeptical but surely the weirdos of the world don’t create and bag and sell fake huel do they?
I mean…surely not :face_with_diagonal_mouth::face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hey Tracy!

I’d love to confirm that you have a legitimate Huel pouch, and I can only imagine how tremendously difficult it would be for someone to replicate our process and create something that remotely resembles our products :slight_smile:

Everything looks as it should and I can recognize the batch number as one that we’re currently fulfilling to our Hueligans :raised_hands:


The German Huel Forum is just one huge marketplace where people sell Huel products they don’t like - most often opened bags. I find this much more problematic.

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Well I guess they don’t know they dont like them unless they open them. I just divvy a bag up into 100g portions and sell on eBay for top dollar. My incontinent cat helps me pack the portions. And my cat allergy means I may occasionally sneeze into a portion. eBay doesn’t mind though and I’ll soon have generated enough cash for a submarine trip.


What a load of mental garbage.


‘You can’t debate satire’ (M.Moore)

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Plenty of people have tried I can tell you.

The submarine trip is a bit poor taste given the whole situation in the news right now… but maybe you genuinely weren’t aware…

To be fair the majority of the posts in the Huel forum are of bad taste…generally of the actual flavours of the products. I just like to shake it up a bit (pun intended).