Armed Forces Discount

That’s strange, I meant a single purchase of Bars. There is a minimum order value I believe of £35 so the order you are describing shouldn’t have any problems. I’d like to check the code you’re using so will DM you!

I think most of us Armed Forces users are already evangelising…

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Evening Tim
Sorry, it does appear the code works… must have been having a senior moment
Thank you

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Happens to the best of us. I tell myself that most days…

Hi, Does Armed Forces extend to Met Police officers too? TIA

Sorry we don’t currently have a discount valid for members of the Emergency Services, the only reason is that we don’t feel the Blue Light Discount card is a robust enough system. For more information do check out this thread on the subject.

So glad I came here. I’ve been ordering Huel for nearly a year without the military discount. If Blue Light Card could sort there system out so our friends in the emergency services could get a well deserved discount that would be fantastic.

Does the military discount work with subscriptions?

I didn’t like the fact I had to cancel my subscription because I couldn’t put it on hold. My supplies have really stacked up recently. Yep, all prepped for the zombie apocalypse!

Like the flavour samples, could Huel chuck in a one time free sample of granola and bars for loyal customers? I don’t fancy paying £2.50 a bar, but if I like it i’ll bulk buy like I do with the rest of my orders.

Banana is by far my favourite flavour, chocolate and cacao are joint second, closely followed by mocha. I like the rare but occasional rhubarb and custard. The limited edition strawberries and cream has been tried twice and sat on my shelf for months as it revolting. Hence I couldn’t bring myself to buy the Christmas limited edition flavour.

Santa Clause bought me a 1500 watt nutra-ninja so I can blend up to 2 litres of Huel at once. It’s amazing! My favourite milk is cashew, but mostly I use hazelnut as it’s often cheaper.

Yes I typed way more here than I intended to in response and I’m sorry, but hey ho!


I live quite near to a big army range in Northumberland, and I occasionally see army vehicles passing by. Do I qualify?


I’m NHS ex armed forces, not too fused if I can’t get discount.
If I’m being honest and frank, we’re all volunteers and paid to do our jobs. I always scratch my head with the forces and blue light discounts as we are perhaps lower on the priority of people who would benefit from it.
I would like to see, somehow, people getting discounts who really could use it. Unpaid carers as an example, quietly soldiering on with their lifes and getting absolutely nothing, really. Saving the country millions upon millions a year.
HMAF and NHS don’t need discounts, but plenty others do. In my humblest of opinions.


Code doesn’t appear on anymore?

Has the discount been discontinued for MOD personnel?

I just spotted the same thing SunnySussex …
Any news on this ??

The old discount code still works, you just have to know what it is because its not published…

As I didn’t know it in the first place
I just looked on the forces webpage and can’t find it …
Looks like I’m stuck ??

Sorry, just contacted them and it should be live again now. Apologies for inconvenience.

Thanks Tim - brilliant customer support ! :+1:

Is there a discount for US Military personnel?

Before I place another order is there a discount for MOD? I know my misses gets NHS

If Mods get it so should Rockers and Punks. Especially Punks.

Or just get your missus (or misses if you have several) to buy it on their account.

But yeah, serious answer there is, or was, but that’s Tim’s @Tim_Huel job to tell you and he’s still in the beer garden.

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it’s a bank holiday with (relative) drinking freedoms… so everyone will be immobilised right?

latest info on that was over here

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Awesome, should have checked that first really