Uk forces discount

I’m a new Huel member and wanting to make my first order but I also want to get the Forces discount as I served for 17years but no matter what I try it rejects my evidence even though I’ve given certification, ID ans more

Hey Paul, thanks for the message and welcome to the forum. We want to make sure some of the hardest working people out there benefit from a discount. Are you based in the UK or USA? And have you already got in touch with the either Defence Discount Service (UK), or SheerID (USA)? They would probably be better placed to help you out since we don’t actually do the certifiation ourselves, we just use their service to provide/promote a discount.

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Defence Discount always works for me

Ooh I didn’t realise you could apply DDS; I will be looking into this. Thanks!

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I work hard. Nearly as hard as you Tim. Can I have a discount?

Hi yes I am I’ve submitted my ID MOD 90, certificate of service and more and the vetting said I’m not applicable apparently

Email them! Same thing happened to me with my NHS discount and they were helpful :slight_smile:

Could you email the Defence Service Discount? Huel aren’t responsible for who does or doesn’t get approved I’m afraid. I’m sure they will sort it out, although my understanding was that you only need to provide your division and service number though. No ID cards.

Their number is 01509 233446 (Mon - Fri 9.00 - 17.00) or you can use their contact form here

From memory this is correct, you have to provide your service number or staff ID. It’s free to join for any military or civil servant who works for the military. £5 if you want the card which is worth it as it lasts 5 years and £1 a year for 25% Nandos is worth it alone.