NHS discount? just wondering


Just read the email about various Huel discounts: refer a friend, subscription, and the armed services discount.

Is there an NHS staff discount in the pipeline? :slight_smile:

Just wondering!


This could be a very smart move from Huel’s point of view. If nurses and doctors where consuming this it would lend it creditability for many people I think.


Do you know of an easy way for people to prove they work for the NHS?

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Using their NHS smart cards?

@Daniel_Magill: Any suggestions from your end?

Sign up with NHS email?


Good idea, but this would still involve us having to individually vet each and every person that wants it. The good thing about defence service is it is a completely separate service. People register with the website and they vet them, only once they are vetted they can get access to the code and this has minimal interaction from us.

Is there something the NHS offer like a Defence Discount Service card? Does the blue light discount card work in the same way.

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NHS email is definitely the easiest way to make sure they do work for the NHS. Otherwise find out how Boots does it: They hand out a NHS discount card.

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I am a nurse but work in the ‘not for profit’ sector. Would you consider offering discounts to those who work for Nuffield? We have a employee benefits programme that would vet members.

You can sign up as a business http://www.nhsstaffbenefits.co.uk/advertise.php

And you can also advertise at http://www.healthservicediscounts.com/ perhaps with a discount code? I think there is a way to provide a discount code that only NHS services can access using their nhs.net emails.

Alternatively, you can have volunteers like myself post a promotion and discount code on our intranet.

All great ideas and we will look into them. If the email is confirmed by the NHS then that is optimal.


If Huel do this they could do a flat emergency services discount to include the Fire/Police and Ambulance service, they have little time on their hands as it is, Huel saves loads of time and is easily transported.

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As far as I’m aware, all NHS email addresses are Firstname.Surname@trustname.nhs.uk OR nhs.net
That would be a fairly straight forward way to verify if someone is employed by the NHS.
As alllowercase said above, a discount code sent to an NHS email address could be a very easy way to implement it.
Or specifying delivery to your workplace and using your NHS email address to place the order, that could perhaps eliminate the need to keep sending discount codes to people?

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Thank you for everyone for their suggestions. I thought would be wise to be transparent and explain where we stand…

At Huel we want to offer discounts to certain deserving groups, e.g. NHS and Emergency Services, Students, OAPs, Armed Forces, etc.

However, we will only give discounts to groups which can be automatically verified and at zero additional cost. This is why we currently only give discounts to the Armed Forces, there is a 3rd party service which verifies whether individuals actually work for the Armed Forces and they don’t charge us for the privileged.

Some people have suggested the Blue Light Card, however we have just tested the system and were able to sign up and get all of the discounts without any verification taking place, therefore this is not suitable. (Please note we not be capitalising on this and have already terminated our account).

Unidays is another service that has been suggested. However, they require us to give at least a 10% discount and they then take a further 8% for themselves, which does not make economical sense to us.

I hope you understand and if you find a service that validates members and it is free to use we will happily consider it.

Keep on Hueling,



here you are … a free way to check if someone is a register nurse (NHS), just fill out those fields and bingo!


waiting for nhs discounts here…

You should consider a discount for nutrition and health professionals in Germany as well!

I have contacted Blue light regarding the application process.

Dear James,

You recently submitted a contact form to Blue Light Card, below you can find our response to this issue. If this does not fully answer your query please feel free to get back in touch.

James thank you for the feedback. I deal with Huel directly on our sister service, Defence Discount Service and I believe they were testing it out. We do have verification processes in place for Blue Light Card so I will contact Huel and explain this to them.

Kind Regards
Alex Dalby

Thank you for that. I have been chatting to Alex. The problem is that the verification process is only for people who are buying the Blue Light Card. Having a physical card is great for use in stores on the high street and restaurants but has no use for purchasing Huel. The people that sign up to the website are not verified in any way. See Julian’s post above.

With Defence Service Discount, members of the MOD have to enter their ID number to even be part of the website. This is the sort of verification process we need. The Blue Light Discount just does not seem the way forward.

Regarding the search the register option, this still means that every person who wants NHS discount has to email in, give us their ID, we then have to check it and confirm it and then give them the discount. This would not ensure minimal workload for us.

We will keep trying, but until something comes up that works as simply as Defence Service Discount, we can’t go ahead with this.

This could possibly be enough for my NHS discount?!


Tim, Julian can I recommend you look into http://www.healthservicediscounts.com/ as suggested by alllowercase?

This is the official NHS discounts provider (formerly NHS Discounts) and if I recall correctly they verify your NHS place of work and NHS email address before you can register so minimal overhead for you hopefully. No charge is made to NHS staff for registering unless they request a card for offline discounts too.

Hope this helps!

I will check it out! Thank you.