NHS discount? just wondering

Sorry to say but this is not sufficient. I have just signed up and there was no process to check whether I worked for the NHS. I just said I worked at the Buckinghamshire NHS Health Care Trust and I was in and getting offered 20% off Boots at Clarks with the code BOOTS16, which I have now passed on to everyone in this forum, much like a Huel discount code could be.

With the Defence Service Discount I have previously tried to register myself and they ask for a Service Number, a stage you cannot skip. I went online and found the format for service numbers and found one and entered it to get to the next stage. After confirming my email address (a stage not used by the NHS) I was presented with this message:

“Once your email address has been verified it will be passed through to the Defence Discount Service team who will carry out a few checks and then activate your account. You will then be able to login and take advantage of these free discounts. Once you have logged in you can also apply for the Defence Privilege Card by clicking the Privilege Card link on the navigation bar.”

I expect to be rejected shortly. Sorry about this.

can we just give nhs discount if we register at huel with a nhs.net email account? the guys who vet for the nhs mail accounts do proper checks, i think. theres a couple of other restricted email domains too, for police and other civil servants.

This has already been discussed and it would be a huge amount of work for us to look at every single Huel order, and discount it in retrospect. See below.

is it? i wouldnt have thought it would be too hard to give a discount automatically based on the domain of the email address of whoever has signed up, but you would have to have the user verify their email address to prevent abuse.

i mean, you use shopify is it? perhaps they dont have this functionality in the core, but perhaps there is an app that can do this, or some custom code?

You don’t have to sign up with an email to order Huel. If you have a subscription you can access it from a Huel account, but that’s after placing your order. So at the time you pay your email address it not something Huel have.

While there would surely be ways of changing this I would guess that Huel are outsourcing the “payment” part of their online shop. So they cannot change the way it works at will, they can only chose from some existing options.

this is all very interesting :slight_smile: i feel almost tempted to make my own solution to this, which is based on verified email addresses. after all, that is how facebook first started: you had to have an @edu email address to get access!

by the way, even if you did have discount codes, these would still be shared across the web, so any solution that in the end relies on having a box for a discount code will end up with non-eligible people getting access to that code and claiming this discount, too.

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Hi, i work in the NHS and we use to have a colleague card, but for some reason we don’t get one anymore. Anyone know why it was stopped?

Police discount? All officers would have a police.co.uk email address so easy to check etc

How about drug dealer discount? We can give out Huel bars with the cannabis for when the users get the munchies.


The guys behind www.doctors.net.uk and m3medical.com have a vetting process in place, could you partner with them somehow?

This would also be good for Firefighters as well. I have the blue light card could that be accepted. Many thanks.

Surely all the Huel consumers who don’t want Huel to go out of business
from offering rampant discounting should also get a discount?


All email accounts from police all have the same sub domain name. But it’s is how you engineer a check then discount approach which is automated and not subject to abuse, or intelligent hacking.

It should be easy enough, but it’s the work involved to get it setup.

I’m a hueler, and blue light employee, so interested where this goes.

You can check the NMC Register for Nurses and the GMC Register for Doctors. We have to be registered with our respective bodies of council in order to practice in the UK.

But not all NHS employers are doctors or nurses. Could be too much having to check all registered bodies that NHS employs - and even then, not all job titles require you to be registered at all.

(I work in substance misuse within NHS and am registered with FDAP - but this is not a requirement.)

Ideas which involve us checking email address in retrospect of you ordering or even before you order via email is not an option. We can’t vet emails on a person by person basis.

In anticipation of recommendations to use NHS/Blue Light discount cards please see my other posts above on the subject.

I’m put off any service that offers too many discounts. It’s the other customers that end up subsidising these discounts.

Are some jobs more worthy than others? Probably. Do some people get paid more than others? Definitely.

If students, NHS, army, police, firefighter, public sector, unemployed etc get discounts, do prices start increasing for everyone else?


Agree with with Tom, where will it stop, and is the nhs more worthy than the domiciliary care workers etc…

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I agree that the list could be endless, however it really isn’t about who is more worthy. The only reason for not offering discounts to more groups like this is simply that they do not have rigorous enough processes to prevent discount codes being used by those that aren’t eligible.

We wouldn’t offer discounts and then make others pay more, that’s not fair.


Hey Tim, I saw in this thread you were looking for ways to offer discounts to police in same way you could to armed forces but in a secure way.
There is a system called Police Perkz operated by Reward Gateway (uk) which you can only register for if you are approved through a police force. Maybe they are worth contacting to see if you could offer anything?