Huel Professional Order?

I have just read about Huel professional and because I’m currently serving in the Military require all diet supplements to come from informed sport website. However on the huel website I cannot see where to select this and I’ve tried editing my subscription and couldn’t see it either. Please help!

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Hello Greg - its in the regular Huel Powder section


Thanks for your service Greg. Be sure to use the Defence Discount Service to get £5 off all your orders! :guardsman: :wave:

Thank you.

I couldn’t see Huel on there.

Is there any chance for more flavours to be available under the professional?

I don’t know if this helps you, and just incase you didn’t know, but both the regular powder and the professional powder are identical products. The only difference is the pro range is batch tested and certified free of those substances whereas the regular range isn’t. So you are avoiding the very slim but I guess possible accidental presence of something in the pro range but otherwise it is the same product.

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I don’t believe so Greg. Very few people purchase the Professional batch tested range. I would recommend mixing your Huel Vanilla up with some of your own hacks at home: cocoa, peanut butter, berries. I wonder if you will be able to find batch tested flavourings too? I’m sure someone does them.

It’s there, just login and then use the search bar. But please remember:

*If this code is re-posted on any other website, forum, social media page or magazine (military or otherwise) this discount will be removed.

*We fully support and have massive respect for the armed forces and want to benefit you only.