Just ordered my second batch of Huel

Wow, I’m a massive fan of trying new things out which I think could help my eating habits or training…which means I have half used bags of different protein powders/beta alanine/creatine etc etc. I rarely find something that I actually reorder so this is proof to me that Huel works for me!!!

My only concern is which version of Huel I will now receive - @TimOfficeHuel or @Julian is there any way I can request the newest version (with the thickener) or is it a case of get what you’re given :joy:

Scrap that ^^^^, due to your super quick dispatch/delivery times I probably should have questioned this before placing my order!!

Hey Bex,

Didn’t see this! The only stock we have at Huel at the moment should be the latest batch. The batches being dispatched a few days ago when I last heard contained Gum Arabic (the thickener).

Brill, thanks @Gulliver!