Something not quite right?

I recently started using huel, after hearing good things from a friend. I loved my first two packets that came in the first delivery, it works really well with my lifestyle; I spend the day on my feet and have a short lunch break, and eating a solid meal normally makes me feel sick. I do a lot of exercise too, so I like to make sure I am getting enough of everything and often use it before / after I have exercised. I got the new and improved vanilla, which has a very vanilla protein powder esc taste, which I am actually quite fond of! I ordered another box, but something about the first packet I opened seemed… not quite the same? It seemed to have an aftertaste that was almost plasticine-y, foamed way more then the other pack and seemed more watery… I opened the other packet to compare, and it seemed a little bit better, but I can’t shake the impression that its not quite the same as my first packs… I am worried about sending it back for testing, as the huel team member I emailed suggested, in case I don’t get the packs back if I’m just imagining it and waste money… has anyone else experienced this sort of thing, and can share some advice?

Hi, see my thread on batch differences, I ordered the vanilla (as usual) and in tastes like a different flavour to me. it appears to be missing the vanilla flavouring, it also looks different (less speckled) and doesn’t seem to mix as well. perhaps there is a problem with the batch and their just finding out?
what’s the batch number, just out of interest, that’s what they asked me to check.

Hey Becky, thanks for the message. Sorry to hear that your Huel seemed different, could you let us know your batch number (4-digit number, reverse of pouch underneath the nutritional information). Also fire across your order number too.

It would be really useful if you could send these back to us to:
FAO: Tim Urch, Unit 5, Midshires Business Park, Smeaton Close, Aylesbury HP19 8HL

Sorry for the inconvenience with this one, we’ll get it sorted.

Hi there, the batch is 6087 and the order number is 389333, thanks for replying!

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Sorry Becky, one more piece of info needed. Are you able to get the time stamp that is next to the batch code please? Apologies for not asking this before, didn’t realise it was required.

Yep…its the same here have been using huel for 4 weeks and it tasted brill…
got my order on tuesday and it like drinking something thats gone off… i had to tip ot down sink as i just could not finish it…

Hi Tim,

Sorry for the delay, unfortunately I had already sent off the packets, but if I remember right it was 19: -something?
Sorry I can’t be more exact!

No don’t worry, if you’ve sent the pouches then we can find it! Will just have to wait until they arrive to commence. Not an issue at all though. Thanks for your help.