Very different smell/taste in new batch

Hi all,

I understand that there are some slight seasonal changes, but this recent batch has quite a significant change in smell and taste, so wondering if anyone else has experienced this?
I opened up a Berry (batch number 8540) and immediately smelled a difference compared to previous batches. I opened up another bag of the same batch in case the first bag was a one-off but the second bag smelled the same. It sort of smells ‘off’ a little bit.

Making a shake and comparing side by side, there’s quite a big difference in taste. The new one tastes more artificial and a bit ‘tangy’?. My brother says the new one tastes ‘mushroomy’ and can’t stand drinking it. I opened up an Original Vanilla (batch number 8178), and that smells and tastes different to the previous batch as well, so wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if I should be concerned?


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You are not alone. I just got a bag of new vanilla after just finishing two and it’s very different. Instead of the sickly sweet vanilla smell against a fairly neutral oaty background of the first lot this one has an odd kind of earthy caramel type smell and does not taste good at all. It does seem a bit off. I also got some original vanilla for the first time and it has a similar kind of smell to it and tastes even worse.

After guzzling down the first two bags I got a month ago with little problem I haven’t even been able to finish a single portion of either of these new ones.

Hi Andrew, sorry for missing this one. So sorry to hear that you’re finding your most recent order a little off. We will need to investigate this. Could you please do the following?

  • Post one of your pouches back to us, with a note explaining who you are and where you have communicated with us. Please don’t just send the pouch back with no message, it will get lost. We will reimburse you for the postage of course - so be sure to get reliable tracking.

The address is:
FAO Tim Urch
Unit 5 Midshires Business Park
Smeaton Close
HP19 8HL

Once we have that information we can start an investigation. Until then would you like us to replace or refund your pouch?

We’re so sorry this has happened and looking forward to your correspondence so we can solve it.

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for the reply and for looking into this for me.

Shall I send back an opened bag, or a sealed bag but from the same batch?

And just a refund for the moment, thanks.

Thanks Andrew. One opened batch that you have identified as problematic would be useful. Thank you, I’ll be sure to process this refund as soon as we have the pouch. Sorry for the inconvenience on this.

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Hmmm, I’ve just stocked up on Berry and have 4 pouches tucked away for future use. Would it be safe to open them to check or will that hit the shelf life?

It’s unlikely that there is any issue with your Huel. Opening the pouches from their factory seal will reduce the shelf life to 6 months - which is still a pretty long time!


Sorry for the delay. I’ve only just sent this off today, so hopefully you should receive this soon.


Received! I’ll get it right over to the Quality Team. Thank you for mailing it.

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I’d be interested to hear the outcome of this. My latest batch (Original Vanilla) arrived last week and it tastes bad too. No so bad that I can’t/won’t use it, but I’m not enjoying it.

I really don’t like “New and Improved” vanilla and this latest batch tastes like a 50/50 mix of original and new. Not suggesting that that’s what it is, just that’s how it tastes.

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fyi, we’ve received this and done a taste test in house. We’re waiting for the records from production and I’ll get back to you.

I just opened a third bag of batch 8540 after having finished the second bag (and sending the first to you), and this one seems completely normal and unlike the first 2 bags. On tasting, it was a much more pleasant and familiar experience.

It will be interesting to see what your team thought, and why there would be a difference between bags of the same batch.

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Same here.
I opened my latest batch ( 8899 )of Original GF tonight and first thing I noticed was it smelled different to the last batch ( ( 8076 ). I had a few scoops left in the old pouch to compare. And when I blended it up it wasn’t as nice as the old batch, but it’s drinkable, I will give it a try.

Hey Andrew, what we’ve done is conduct internal blind taste panels with the returned sample against retained samples, both here at Huel HQ and our manufacturing site but no taste issues have been found.

The manufacturing site have a dedicated panel that taste all product prior to release of the finished product to control this, but should there be further differences in taste, we certainly want to hear about it so that we can fully investigate, like we have done here.

It’s worth noting that there can be mild seasonal variances, as well as differences in the taste of water (I know here if we don’t run the tap for a few seconds before it can taste a bit funky).

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Firstly thank you so much for investigating, says a lot about the kind of company and people you are.

Can’t say I’m not a little bit disappointed that nothing came from it though, especially as I have a newly opened bag from the exact same batch which is very clearly different from the last bag.

I’ll keep ordering though, as it’s helped out massively, and hope that it is just a blip!

Regarding the refund for the bag + postage (£6.50), how shall I go about that?




Any update on how I can get the refund sorted?


I certainly had a change in my Berry Huel flavour recently, not like I mind because I just down it anyway, but it was a little different. The recent bags are fine/better, so it seems resolved

I think they must have changed the recipe during the stock shortage so they could get the orders out. More transparency would have been good.

Not likely and they couldn’t be more transparent than they already are.


They didn’t change the recipe during the stock shortage, but did change the supplier of one of the ingredients.

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