Huel first time

Hi i have just ordered the huel proffesional and taste testers of the website can some one tell me what is the difference in the normal huel and the proffesional huel . also im wanting info on how much to use . Im using it to loose weight as i drive for a living im living of take aways and usual garage services crap not good 3 stone overweight and feel like crap .
So as im limited to home comforts and out on the road most times any advice would be really helpfull

As far as I am aware - the only difference is that the professional version has been tested for banned substances, so is suitable for professional athletes who don’t want to fall foul of anti-doping regulations.

For the average user, unless you face regular drug tests for your work or sport (from your description, I can’t imagine that you do), then the professional is unnecessary.

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Correct. Huel never contains any banned substances but for professional athletes it’s important that their Huel is tested just in case. Professional Huel is the same as normal Huel but it costs a little extra because they’ve had to run some extra tests on it to get it “certified”