Differences between 2.3 and professional 2.3

Evening all

Just spotted on the website that there is a professional version

What’s the difference ?
I read something about drug tests ?
But what Is in Huel to make you fail a drugs test ? (We have random drug and alcohol tests and I consume huel … should I be concerned ?)

Anyone tried it and what’s the taste difference ??


I don’t think there’s a difference and just think it means that it’s a batch that’s been tested to make sure that any athletes that take it can be safe in the knowledge it’s certified as drug free… I doubt there’s any issues with normal huel but that this gives athletes confidence and tracibility


Hi there, we have an FAQ on the Huel Professional page which answers these questions. However for clarity:

What is Huel Professional
Huel Professional is just New and Improved Vanilla Huel that has been batch tested for banned substances by Informed-Sport.

Does normal Huel contain banned substances?
No, Huel doesn’t contain any banned substances and our manufacturer neither handles nor manufactures any products contained on the WADA banned substance list. But only batches tested by Informed-Sport are considered approved.

Do I need Huel Professional?
The only people that should use Huel Professional are those that are routinely drugs tested. Generally elite athletes, members of the armed forces and some emergency services personnel.

There is no taste difference as they are the same product.

Hope this helps you out!

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