Difference between Huel Powder and Huel Professional

As the title says, would love to know, what is the difference between Huel Powder and Huel Professional?
Planning on starting with Huel and implementing it in Intermiddent Fasting, so if anyone has experience, would also love to hear your tips and tricks!

There is no physical difference between the two.

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These answers should help!

What is Huel Professional?
Huel Professional is just New and Improved Vanilla Huel that has been batch tested for banned substances by Informed-Sport.

Does normal Huel contain banned substances?
No, Huel doesn’t contain any banned substances and our manufacturer neither handles nor manufactures any products contained on the WADA banned substance list. But only batches tested by Informed-Sport are considered approved.

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Thank you, both of you! Expected this answer, but was unable to find confirmation on the Swedish site.

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Absolutely, thanks for raising again. It is on the list to amend it to match the UK page. Sorry for confusion.

SE site has been updated!


This is a prompt response! Do you guys find it useful to have a direct line to us, your customers, like this?

The forum has been an asset to us, and hopefully to you too. We get incredible feedback in real time that we can action and thus make your experience better and making it clear that your voices are heard – everyone wins and you Huelers know you are as much part of this company as Julian, James and James. What I really love the forum for is seeing everyone chatting and debating about Huel and related topics and having a general great laugh!