Huel Professional - Informed-Sport approved

In the past we have been asked by potential Huelers if we are approved my Informed-Sport - a body that approves ‘supplements’ in the sports industry for banned substances. The answer until this point has been no, mainly because we don’t consider Huel a ‘supplement’ - just like your breakfast cereal isn’t approved either. It is also costly.

However there are a huge amount of people in the military and some other emergency services that are tested for banned substances regularly and we wanted to give them the piece of mind they needed that Huel is absolutely fine for them to use but also not increase the cost for everyone else.

So we now have an Informed-Sport tested and accredited version of Huel - Huel Professional. A batch of Huel Original that has been tested by the labs of Informed-Sport and approved. It costs £2.50 more per pouch to cover the cost of testing. If you have any questions then there is an FAQ on the product page, or just fire away here.

Please do let your military or even professional sportspeople friends!


Can you do a version for others not so fussed?:


Isn’t it mostly him?

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Haha, yeah.