Huel vs Huel professional

What’s the difference between huel original and huel professional?

No difference in the powder inside the bag. The difference is the labelling on the outside.

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From what I could tell, the only difference is that every batch of the professional version is actively checked for substances that might make it unsuitable for consumption by professional athletes. There’s no difference in the actual huel, only the rigorousness with which it’s checked according to a particular standard.

Essentially, if you’re not a professional athlete, you don’t need it


@danlking has pretty much nailed this one, but to illustrate it further.

  • We make many batches of Huel, all with the same ingredients
  • When we want to make Huel Professional we dedicate one batch (or many depending on how much we need) to Huel Professional
  • We run this batch exactly the same as all Huel, same ingredients, just different bags.
  • We then send a few bags to Informed Sport and they test them for all sorts of stuff that athletes and people in the forces aren’t allowed to have

Informed-Sport testing capability for supplements/ingredients includes the analysis of over 160 substances that are considered prohibited in sport and substances that pose a threat in respect of product contamination. These substances include drugs of abuse, anabolic agents, stimulants, beta-2-agonists, masking agents, etc.

  • Informed Sport give us the okay, eventually, and we then know categorically that there has been no contamination anywhere for that batch.

For the everyday Huelers like us, we don’t require Huel Professional assurance. So this goes out to everyone, please don’t buy it thinking it’s got some extra magic beans in - it doesn’t!

For anyone wondering how on earth there could be contamination then they have a great video on their website.

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I thought the professional one has added Probiotics. That’s why it’s difrent. Is that not so?

No. They are the same product, only one is batch tested by Informed Sport and is certified free of whatever whereas the other is not.

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