Availability during covid-19

I was wondering if the things that are out of stock are going to remain out of stock? @Tim_Huel In particular I was wondering about berry flavour shots. It might sound a bit bonkers that I’m thrown sideways by finding it out of stock but I’ve been having v2.3 with berry flavour shots twice a day for months. I know 3.0 powder is available in berry but it doesn’t taste the same but, more importantly for me, when I use 3.0 I tend to get constipation, hence I bought a ton of 2.3 (yes I know I will have to move over eventually but I’m awaiting an operation which might change things for me, was supposed to be this month but obviously on hold now). Anyway, I’m rambling :unamused:, when will berry flavour shots be available please?

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Hey Kate, I think the Berry Flavour Boosts are back in stock! https://uk.huel.com/products/natural-flavour-boosts