Bags: sexy but practical?

Huel packaging for eg instant meals and Black is pretty sexy. But whether I store them “end on” in the kitchen cupboard, or sit them in a shallow box (which I keep in the boot of the car), when it’s time to pick a flavour have to lift them out one by one to read what’s written on the front of the packet in a small font. Worse still, the writing on the instant meals is in a coloured typeface which shows up badly in low light conditions. PITA.

What would suit me would be simple white on black (or vice versa) writing both on the sides of the bags (at the bottom where it’s widest) and along the top of the bags (so can read from above). Nice big typeface. “MEXICAN CHILLI” “BLACK EDITION”… that kind of thing.

Any views?

I quite like the lucky dip element, when I reach into the cupboard for a new bag I have no idea what flavour it is. Nice surprise as they’re all good. I like the uniform appearance.

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a big white marker


Yeah it’s a bit of fun. But I stopped keeping it next to the cat litter.


I remember this guy who was a Hueligan for yonks and they used to have coloured stickers on the side of the pouch to indicate which flavour was which.

I judge that idea at first…untill I started to do it at home myself.

Now I look at him being the closest thing to a genius.

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It’s good to leave a few challenges for the consumer, a bit of scope for creative solutions. No-one really wants to be spoon-fed. :smile:

Yeah, @David, I have a friend who loves to use empty Huel bags for what she scoops out of the cat litter… I will send on your recommendation…

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I am both sexy and practical.

Also great for dog poop - reseal strip keeps the whiffs inside and much easier than a floppy plastic bag to keep held open whilst scooping. Not sexy but v practical for poo. Holds plenty!

Would be good for disposable nappies too, if anyone still needs to use them.

Especially when wearing a Huel bag over your head.

Ah yes, headgear. Hadn’t thought of that. Waterproof too, and perhaps enough space for a modest beehive, or a generous man bun.

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