Behold the (accidental) Huel cookie

So, I had seen recommendations of gently warming Huel bars to make them a bit softer…

May have inadvertently nuked mine in the microwave but it turned into a choc chip cookie and I kinda like it! :cookie::yum:


Which flavour Huel bar is this? It’s unrecognisable! Did you squish it to make it into a cookie shape too? Looks delicious to be fair, we would definitely recommend 15 seconds :laughing:

I feel like such a n00b, I’ve still never done this. So you’re saying 15 seconds full on power on an 800w microwave?

Yes, 15 seconds on full whack. Caveating that I don’t know what effect it will have on the nutrients. This is purely a texture thing! It will soften it up loads, you might need to eat it with a spoon, but add some yoghurt too and you’ve got a nice change up from your normal Huel Bar snack!

:rofl: - It’s salted caramel. I turned the wattage down to 500 in an attempt to not overdo it and then got distracted by the door going so the microwave kept running for a minute! :woman_facepalming:t3: No shaping involved - it just naturally splodged into a cookie shape. Like you say, not sure of the impact on nutrients but it was very chewy and then crisped up quickly as it cooled. I will definitely try doing it for a shorter period next time though!

I’ve done it!

I did for 15 seconds and it was warm and soft although nowhere close to needing a spoon. I put half the bar back in for another 5 seconds. I think I may do another one for 30 seconds next to see if it just needs longer in my microwave.