Sooooo simple it's not really a recipe pudding

Has anybody else accidentally over-microwaved a Huel bar (salted caramel) and found it turns into a very acceptable sticky toffee pudding kind of thing? You have to eat it fast though, as it turns crunchy when it cools - but still quite nice.

Will try the same accident on a chocolate one next.


This sounds great! Take some photos next time, I want to see just how gooey you take it! I microwave Huel Bars if they’re cold, otherwise just keep one in my pocket until I want to munch it. Yesterday I had a box in the car and in the heat they went suuuper gooey, very enjoyable!

That sounds good! Reminds me a bit of the Rhythm 108 “healthy” brownies which were always nicer microwaved.

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