Best way to use Huel for weight loss

Afternoon all,
I’ve been dithering about for too long, head has not been right but I’m getting tired of clothes getting tighter and I must do something about it.

What’s the easiest formula to ensure I can get results? I’m prepared to go nearly 100% but for an evening meal where my partner will cook according to Slimming World values.

Any advice greatfully received.

Thank you.

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Use this:

To calculate TDEE, or calorific requirement per day, and aim 500 below. For more extreme results aim for 750 below maintenance per day.

If on the other hand you want to lose weight by exercising and in the process gaining muscle, aim for 100 above what the calculator shows.

If you have a look at a youtube channel called Athlean X he is quite an accomplished trainer most of his material is free and he describes the way to gain lean muscle and lose weight at the same time.

Personally I am aiming for consuming my exact optimised Huel based maintenance amount of 2400 calories that coincides with a heavy exercise schedule. If I don’t drop loads of pounds but I am packing on muscle I don’t mind so much.

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Thanks both.

I’ll get started Monday. I’ll aim for 500/750 as exercise is tough currently due to injury.

Time to get on with things, I know Huel can help, just need to get my head right.

Look for the Mathematical Diet post on this forum - there’s a spreadsheet you can download, really good way to monitor weight loss - works out how much you should have too

What kind of injury if you don’t mind discussing it?

Not at all…

In 2014 I did a spiral fracture to my fibula but at the time it was missed that I also chipped the tibula, damaged the talus and messed up all the cartilage in the ankle.

Any prolonged walking agrevates the injury so I have to be careful at the moment, have had 3 surgeries since to rectify what’s going on. Am safe with cycling so likely to get a turbo trainer so that I can do that at home as the weather is likely to turn and cycling in the rain isn’t my idea of fun…

Aside if what I do, need to get my diet in check as I’ve been eating too much crap for too long…

That is nasty!

Well swimming would perhaps be another one, its surprisingly high stress muscularly so very good for weight loss

Swimming is great for rehab. Another fantastic activity is to walk across the pool in water up to you chest. The water provides resistance and support. If you want less support, move to shallower water as your weight beating ability improves.

Mo Farah uses an underwater treadmill, it must be effective!?

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Not a fan of swimming but may have to just do it…

Looking to get a turbo trainer and cycle at home so that I can’t use the excuse of time or not getting to the building that holds the gym/pool…

The most effective home based low stress exercise if you are looking for machines is rowing. There is nothing that kicks rowings ass as high stress cardio other than perhaps kettlebells (which you can’t do for obvious reasons)

The only problem with rowing is a decent machine is going to hit your pockets towards a 4 figure sum. Back when I was into serious fitness I’d warm up and cool down with a 10 minute row, sometimes that was harder than the 40 minute workout it felt like

I find rowing great too…a good 10 minute shouting match with the irritating neighbours raises your heartbeat and makes you feel energosed.


You might also consider a spin cycle (a fancy exercise bike) for home if you don’t already own a bike. I found it less hassle to get one and set it up rather than a turbo trainer and it takes up less room plus it has loads of features.

I bought mine second hand off ebay and am really please with it. I paid around £120.