"Blend 'n' Go"-style blender

Those natty little one-shaker blenders are all the rage at the moment. You know? Fill the cup with your fruit/water, etc., screw the blades on and put the whole lot upside-down into the blender for a 30-second whizz. Then turn it right-side-up, replace the blades with the snapable lid and hit the road. Perfect for Huel, right?


I’ve tried twice now (water first, then Huel and vice-versa) and both times it seriously failed to get to the powder with the blades, leaving me scraping thick Huel off the sides and blending it repeatedly. In fact great chunks of the powder furthest from the blades didn’t even get wet! I think the cups are too tall and thin. You get a useless vortex instead of the churn you need. In summary, my advice is to avoid these types of blender and use a normal jug-style blender or just shake and grow to love a few lumps!

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I usually use a big 2L blender, but I’ve used a friends nutribullet a couple of times too, with great success.

Water, then Huel, then water til its full. Quick whiz, then longer and its all mixed.

Theyre handy, but I prefer the bigger mixer to do a days worth in one go.

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I’ve definitely never had trouble with my Breville Active Blend blender. Maybe try giving it a quick shake after you screw the blades on to make sure it’s all wet?


I use one of these,

I’ve never had this problem. I put in water, then huel, put the blade cap on and give it a courtesy shake and set it whirring. Has worked perfectly every time. Only issue I had though is a chunk of frozen banana seems to have bent one of the blades, but hey, for twenny bux I can’t say much…

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Nutribullet, takes 10 seconds to blend an ideal mixture but water goes in first with three scoops of Huel on top.

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Ok, based on a couple of comments here I’ve tried again. The loading order seems important. Water, Huel, water seems to help. That “courtesy shake” also seems to make a huge difference. (Then again, why buy a dog if you have to bark yourself? :)joy:

As for the other models mentioned, the difference seems to be that the cups have flared sides. The one I’m using is more cylindrical and I’m sure that makes for poor mixing. It’s a Cooks Professional “Blend & Go”:

It was only £20. I’ll give it a few more goes but it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out.

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This is the blender I use and have no trouble with it, it was £18 on Amazon and the bottle is also great for carrying around as it fits nice in the hand and is made from strong, thick plastic

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I use one of these:

I half fill the huel shaker with water, add the huel, then mix it for 10 seconds. I then fill up the rest of the shaker with water and rinse the mixer under the tap. Done.

Yeah I used one of those for a while. They seem perfect but I find it’s not simple to get it mixing Huel well without it spraying fine droplets everywhere. So it’s more like: add water, rinse under tap, wipe down all nearby surfaces, done :stuck_out_tongue:

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The key to a good blending experience is that the inside is not round; you need baffles and such like to keep the blender from forming a single smooth vortex, because that’ll chop solids up due to their weight, but it won’t blend liquids particularly well - which sounds like what might be happening go you.

I spent £200 on my blender ages back and it’s a trooper (not just for huel of course, it was during my veg juice period). Anyway, 1.5L of water, 10-12 scoops of Huel and 60 seconds later I’ve got four bottles in the fridge and I’m done.

Does anyone know if the Breville Blend Active does this too (blends smoothly with absolutely no bits)? I’m awful with textures, so I’d need a blender that makes it as smooth and consistent a texture as possible, like a smooth milkshake.

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Huel is never going to be totally smooth due to the flaxseed, I always blend and refrigerate mine overnight its seems to help soften the seed and make it much more palatable when cold - banana blended in helps lots also!
I just give it a quick shake before I drink it so the sediment is not always at the bottom.

water first

then huel

then slightly more water

The Beville blend active is the spiritual unofficial blender of the Huel community.

Add 200ml of water using the measuring line on the bottle, add three or four scoopses of Huel, finally add additional water as required and maybe even a dash of posh Monin caramel coffee syrup flavouring (as seen in Starbucks, Coffee Republic and other good coffee shops - it does not taste of coffee), attach blade base, give it a slosh around to mix the huel layer and then blend it in the zazzer for five or ten seconds.

Remove blender base, attach drinking/storage cap.

Rinse blade base under a tap, repeat if required and have a lay down.


Cheap. Works perfectly. I had one before huel.
I do pour my mix into a different bottle though so if I was starting out afresh I’d probably buy something that could do a days worth in one go.

I got this one when it was on sale for £39.99

I used to put the water up to the amount I want, then put scoops on top because its easier to measure that way and the vortex pulls the powder down… but I would always get lumps stuck to the sides of the jug.

Now I put the scoops in first and put a seemingly random amount of water, blend for less than 10 seconds on low power and its perfect. If it doesn’t fill my drinking bottle to the right level, I just put a bit more water on top and give it two quick shakes. Washing this jug is a little more effort than drinking directly from the mixing bottle like the Blend And Go and you have to wash it immediately because if it dries, you might as well just throw it in the dishwasher.

If you’re looking for new bottle, the most important things to look out for are:
1: it should be powerful for its size (capacity)
2: those ribs up the bottle are important! (as mentioned earlier)
3: it should have blades at varying angles, and they should also be angled along the length like fan blades - teeth are also good because they create even more turbulence

My blender is only 600w for 2L but I don’t expect to blend frozen fruit with it. I only use it for Huel and sometimes add things like ground cinnamon and/or honey. It’s just about good enough to mix quickly without any lumps. When a blender comes with “Ice Crushing Mode” that doesn’t mean it can smash frozen berries.

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Asda cheap 15 quid blender. 2 mixers to go and works perfectly

Are you sure that your blade bent? I thought that some rhubarb had bent a blade in my Nutri Pro but when I looked around it appears that the blades are not exactly symmetrical - one of the blades is usually slightly raised.

I have a blend and go type blender and find that to get the best results I put the liquid in first and the powder on the top so that when I screw the blades in, they are basically in the powder. Turn it upside down put it on the base and blend. Occasionally shake the whole thing while its blending if it looks like its sticking to the sides. Iv had the blender for a few years and the same technique works with pretty much whatever I put in it.

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Is this the one people recommend even though it’s only 300w? Can it take frozen berries in with the Huel?

The teeth on the blade attachment of my Salter nutribullet rip off broke so I’m shopping around for a good smoothie maker that can take Huel when I get around to trying it again.