Blood donation

I intend to start donating blood this year and have a few questions in relation to Huel.

I consume 100% U/U Huel at 2000kcal per day. Is it safe to eat Huel before the blood donation? Will I be missing anything in the ~2 months recovery period by eating only Huel? Should I include any other food in my diet after donating blood?

Should be fine remember huel is only good food nothing else
Might be worth having one an hour or so before donating
Might help with the after effect of giving blood

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Speaking as a regular blood donor, see what they say at your next donor session. If you’re lacking something then post here for advice, otherwise let your stress flood out into the blood bag and enjoy your post-donation high. It’s worth it.


In my country (Greece) the interval between donations is 3 months for men and 4 months for women. Are you sure for the 2 month interval?

There is no reason why there would be any problems regarding your donation of blood if you consume 100% Huel.

Well done for donating, good on you!

I donated blood successfully. They only used the Copper Sulphate specific gravity test for estimating blood iron levels and there was no issue (though a pity that I will not get an actual value for blood iron levels).

I feel fine and hope Huel will help me be perfectly healthy (and not develop any deficiency) so that I can donate again in ~2 months.

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How do you like being a superhero?

I am not a superhero, I donated blood for selfish reasons - there are enough studies (for me) that show donating blood promotes good health.

Plus getting a free check to see if I have low blood iron or other diseases is a good thing.