Giving blood on Huel

I just went to give blood for the first time, but was turned away as I’ve only consumed Huel this morning (200g so far), and they were worried about not having had a carby meal beforehand. Obviously I tried to explain, but no luck.

  1. Has anyone else had this issue?
  2. Has anyone given blood whilst having huel, and did you feel any better/worse afterwards as a result?


Why did they asked/you told them?
Surely the issue is:

  • Have you eaten not what have you etaen?
  • Do you feel you’ve had sufficient ‘food’ to regulate blood sugar levels so as not to faint on them?
    IMO this is a communication issue not a Huel issue - not relevant at all IMO.
    Interesting also that you were asked the Q wheras I actually made a complaint re not being updated of a 1.5hr wait at my last session - I had managed my meals/blood sugar levels to conincide with reward crips after session - I had to leave having not donated as I would have fainted on them!

They are just covering their backs.

Next time lie. :slight_smile:

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I donated double red (similar to whole blood, but two units of red blood cells) after having a breakfast of Soylent.

All the results of my pre-screening were fine, including bp, pulse, and iron level.

I felt fine afterwards.

As long as you’ve consumed enough calories ahead of time, you are fine. Huel is simply food, after all. The same (well, actually better) than a normal breakfast.

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Wot Ric said!

Weird that they were concerned about not having a ‘carby meal’. I assume that when you tried to explain you mentioned that Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food with the perfect balance of macro- and micro-nutrients to ensure you get everything you need during the day?

Yes I did - I even did a side-by-side comparison for them vs pasta and white bread!

I think they were nervous with it being my first donation, so I’m going again tomorrow and having a non-huel day :spaghetti:, then hopefully they’ll be fine with it in future so long as I don’t feint this time!

Agree with @FiFiMac and thanks for the reassurance @Ric - I will update in 12 weeks when I do a donation following huel.

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