Bolero Essential/Advanced Hydration Drinks

I recently discovered this little gem in a store called Bolero. Basically they’re small sachets with powdered drinks with all sorts of sweet flavors to add to water. They’re gluten-free (seems obvious), sugar-free and they have 2 calories per cup of drink. Plus they have Vitamin C! It’s awesome!
You can buy a tiny 12-pack with different flavors and each one is enough for a liter of water. The smell is amazing, the taste is amazing, and it doesn’t contain sugar.

And of course I tried to combine it with Huel - you can clearly taste the flavor so it definitely can be used as a flavor boost!

Edit: It even has some unusual flavors for drinks, like lemon pie, chilli, panna cotta, carrot orange, vanilla, rum, cucumber, tomato, yoghurt, cola etc.


No sugar but does contain sweeteners: acesulfame K, sucralose and stevia

I love these. They are to only flavour boost that I can handle. I have IBS and am on a low FODMaP diet.

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I know this probably will sound gross but I add sauce like bbq or vineger for flavour or marmite. Yea I like weird flavours xD I don’t count the colories from them I don’t add so much to give inpackt. Anyone else being a weird flavour lover?