Bumping up the calories of a Huel Meal

So my diet for the last couple of months has consisted of pretty much mostly Huel (aprox 2,000 calories) along with a food meal or sometimes 2 a day as i’m trying to gain some weight I currently only weigh around 10st 6 i’m 25 years old 5ft’10 and I work in a warehouse daily unloading hot containers which involves a lot of heavy lifting/walking for 8 hours so I think this is the main reason keeping me from putting any weight on. I really don’t want to have to start eating a load more food because one of the main reasons I use huel is the convenience and cost saving. I’m on a weekly subscription of 2 bags of huel and I don’t want to buy more than this so was thinking to add different kinds of nuts and seeds to each huel meal,is this a good idea or will I be getting too much fat and more protein than I need etc what would be the best ingredients that I could add to huel to get the calories up but still be a healthy meal?


If you’re active and wanting to gain weight, you’re going to have to consume more than that. Adding in some nuts and seeds is a great idea.


@JamesCollier what do you think about using 100% natural peanut butter for this purpose? Seems like a cheap and easy way of adding some extra calories. Assuming £5 for a 1kg tub, a 15g tablespoon costs about 7.5p and yields:

Total Calories: 89.4
Fat: 6.9g
-Saturates: 1.23g
Carbohydrate: 1.74g
-Sugars: 0.88g
Dietary Fibre: 1.27g
Protein: 4.44g
Salt: 0g

Yes, it’s a great idea - I have it myself sometimes :slight_smile:


I recommend Meridian peanut butter (100% peanuts 1kg). Though I do find it lacking in the salty taste one is used to from other peanut butters (that have added salt and palm oil).

My only problem with this option is stopping myself eating the peanut butter by the spoon when I have a tub in the house :yum:

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Haha yeah - I’ve gotten through a whole kg in the last couple of weeks :confounded:

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I’ve been putting 4 scoops huel and 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds with 600ml of water and honestly tastes great to me I wish i’d been doing it sooner also gonna have to try it out with some peanut butter interested to see how that would taste or even add some with the seeds as well just to bump it up even more.

Vanilla Huel with peanut butter and cacao is absolutely gorgeous.

Sadly I don’t need to gain weight :frowning:

Nik x

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