Increasing Calories


Currently I’m consuming 500g (2000 calories) of huel per day.

I’ve started eating 500 calories of peanuts also to try and reduce the weight loss.

I go to the gym every day and I’m currently on the look out for something else I can add to my diet that is as convinient as huel and as I’m struggling to find anything, I thought I’d reach out to the lovely huel community :slight_smile:

Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Adding light olive oil to your Huel shakes is probably the easiest way to increase your caloric intake by a decent amount without much effort. If you had one tablespoon (15ml) of olive oil to each one of your Huel shakes (assuming you split it into four 500kcal meals per day), that’s an extra 501kcal right there. There also shouldn’t be any taste difference (avoid extra-virgin and virgin olive oils, as they will affect taste) and a minimal change to texture.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m thinking something less liquid. Something that i can transport like huel and nuts with minimal mess

If only there was a super convenient, highly nutritious, non-liquid food source you could transport around easily… :wink:

Seriously though the bar is awesome, but appreciate that having 2000 kcal of Huel a day you may fancy something else :smiley:

the only reason i didn’t invest in the bars is because i want to keep all sugar intake down :slight_smile:

although reading it 8g per bar isnt that bad… the ‘concentrated fruit juice’, is that fructose?

You can never have to much Huel :stuck_out_tongue: , love the stuff! If i had 2000 calories from Huel and then 500 from the bars, would that put me at risk of taking in to many of any vitamin/mineral?

Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Possibly iron, but other than that it shouldn’t put you at any risk. Best shout is to get your iron levels checked periodically and see if they’re in a healthy window after having powder and bars together for a while.

The concentrated fruit juice comes from apple and carob, it will contain fructose naturally yes.

I don’t think you would be at risk, any more so than adding something similarly nutritious and simple to your diet in addition to your 2000 kcal of Huel would.