From people that want gain weight to Huel owners

I would like to gain weight and I don’t like to eat that’s why Huel is so good for people like me… but…

If we want to gain weight we have to drink 4 or five times a lot of huel, which mean that we have to be preparing and drinking huel shakes the whole day so it’s not convenient at all.

Do you have any plan for people that want to gain weight but don’t want to stay drinking all the time? Any plan for a special version high in calories? I am sure that there is a good market too.

Many thanks

Easiest way to add calories for now is with oil. Get a light olive oil (or another oil high in monounsaturated fat) and add ~1 tablespoon to each shake. Assuming 4 shakes per day, that’s an extra 500 calories. Make sure to not use a virgin or extra-virgin oil, as that’ll nastily impact taste.

Hi @srjuanjo - Huel is food, so if you want to gain weight, then you’d consume more Huel or eat more food. It’s the same for those who want to lose weight who would consume less.

You could always add stuff to Huel to bulk it out - dessicated coconut, make it with milk, protein powders, carb powders, fats.

I tried this this evening. 3 scoops of UU and 15ml of light olive oil. Slightly strange texture. Sort of slick. Oily, you could say. Though I’m not sure I would have noticed if I hadn’t known.

Has anyone tried using desiccated coconut without blending it? I.e. just in the shaker?

You can experiment with some different oils too - rapeseed may be better than light olive for texture, though may somewhat affect taste.

Desiccated coconut is too gritty for shakes in my experience, but coconut milk powder that has a high oil content (best one I’ve found is this one: ) works really well. You’ll want to mix it in with the powder before adding any water, and it clumps easily so you’ll need to push it through a siiv to break it up, but once mixed with the powder it won’t clump. That should do the trick.

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Thanks IcyElemental, the coconut milk powder looks good.

I found this brand of dessicated coconut on Amazon: which has a few negative reviews for being too fine and not flakey enough - so might be perfect! I’ll let you know how it is if I try it.

Ooh that could work well, seems more like a coconut flour than dessicated coconut. Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

I’m using olive extra virgin and I blend it, not noticed any different taste… however I am still hungry with 4 scoops so I have to eat a sandwich or something else…
I am quite thin and loosing weight since I am drinking huel (80% huel 20% food) that’s why I wanted an extra calories huel to be ready though.

Calorie density as a factor has never been adressed by the Huel team, as far as I know. Right now they’re going the other way.