Prone to undereating - how to use Huel to make up for lost calories?

Hi there. So as the title says, I’m very prone to undereating - accidentally, that is, can blame the ADHD for that. Somehow it hasn’t really caught up to me til recently, but now I’ve lost a couple pounds over the past few weeks and I didn’t really have that many going spare to begin with.

I was thinking of getting Huel as an addition to my current diet for two reasons - a) because I find it near-impossible to eat enough actual food during the day and b) to slowly increase my calorie intake to the recommended without having to resort to junk. I’d be using it in conjunction with whatever solid food I usually eat, rather than instead of.

I’m wondering, can you advise me on how best to use Huel to work towards my recommended intake? I’m in my early 20s, 5 ft 1 and 100 pounds, moderately active, so I should be getting about 1800 calories per day. I currently get about 1000, maximum, often less. I feel like suddenly whacking in an extra 800 straight off (not to mention the addition of all the nutrients I’m not used to) is likely to be too much of a shock to my system. Don’t really fancy any extra bonding time with the bathroom, you know? What amount should I start off on, and how quickly should I increase?


1 Huel shake with 3 scoops has almost 500 calories.

I’d say just make one shake per day for now. Being that you are trying to increase your appetite, I’d definitely invest in one of the flavor packets or flavor it yourself (maybe throw in 2 tbsp peanut butter? delicious and calorie dense). If it tastes good, you’ll want to drink it more and more often.

After having that for a while, you can try having two shakes per day. If it proves to be too much to finish, try making a 2 scoop shake instead.

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Something I’m experimenting with is adding Huel shakes to my calendar with an alarm. I have similar problems - though maybe not quite as extreme. I simply don’t have much on an appetite (despite being a long distance cyclist who can easily rip through 2000 calories in a few hours!) or enjoyment for eating, so Huel seemed perfect for me. I agree that your best option is to view Huel as a meal supplement, not replacement. Keep trying to eat, but if you miss a meal, make sure to replace it with Huel asap.

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