Camino - Northern Route

Seems like a long shot, but does anyone like along the northern coast of Spain?

Wer’e going the Norther Route starting in June, and won’t be able to carry enough bags with us.

We’d like to order some along the way, and ideally not wait for the shipping.

If anyone lives along the route, or close to it, we’d order you a bag or two of your favorite in exchange for holding on to some for us :slight_smile:


I suppose you’ll do “El Camino de Santiago”, the northern path. I live in Madrid and know some people that have made it, not the northern but the main path. Now, perhaps I’m wrong but if you know a town or city you’ll pass at some point, you can talk with an hostel or posada in advance and they could receipt the box for you. Hope it helps!

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Good idea, one we might have to do :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great trip. Hope your request finds the right person! Good luck!

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Sorry, I also live in Madrid, so it would be quite a detour to feed you on the way. :smiley:

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Gracias parece!

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