Late delivery to Spain

I ordered (and payed) a package for a friend in Spain that is REALLY suffering because of the stupidity of people. She has serious celiac disease (one bit of wheat bread and she must be hospitalized) and other food allergies. We checked thoroughly the ingredients in gluten free Huel and it should be safe.
My friend is a fantastic person and she manages a rescue center for Spanish galgos.
Check CarlotaGalgos112, if you are curious.
The problem is, people have been hoarding everything without any consideration other than their own, and Charlotte hasn’t had a proper meal for two whole weeks, all shops in her town of Alhaurín de la Torre , Málaga are empty of essentials, especially for celiacs. The Huel order hasn’t arrived yet, and I wonder if there is any way to track it?
I am in Sweden and I got my last Huel order (done a day after hers) yesterday.
Anyone else in Spain experiencing this?
Thank you!

All orders are delayed currently, even when shipped from the UK to within the UK (for example I ordered Tuesday and would normally receive Wednesday but actually received Friday so 3 days later than usual - so it looks like things are being dispatched within roughly 4 days).
But there will also be delays with goods entering into Spain due to border controls and probably also delays caused by the courier company who are likely to be understaffed and overwhelmed.
So… i would imagine it would take significantly longer than normal.

What date did she order?

I can empathise with her I’m celiac myself and everyone here is buying up the gluten free food as well as everything else. I also have allergies to limonene which makes buying toiletries like shampoo, soap, deodorant and toothpaste very tricky. Generally there is only one brand I can buy and use but it’s currently sold out and although other brands can be found in some shops, I can’t use them.

I really hope all this hoarding does not result in huge amounts of wastage

Im from the north of Spain and still pending to receive it. Order confirmed but not dispatched.

Purchase made on 12th of march, confirmed the mail with the order on the 16th. It appears like sent but I havent received the DHL mail or code.

Be patient

Ánimo, a cuidar esos perretes


Received today at 8:00

I hope your friend gets it too