Can't sleep

Has anyone else experienced any interruption with sleep?

I’ve noticed a couple of posts claiming lethargy, I’m currently struggling to get to sleep. This has never been an issue for me, usually hit the pillow and I’m out.

I’ve been exclusively using Huel (with the exception of the odd date and nut). I’ve considered the possibility that energy cost for digestion has been drastically reduced on a mainly liquid diet, so perhaps less sleep is needed?

Any other thoughts, experiences or feedback would be appreciated.

I found that I needed less sleep, had more energy etc - however this may also have been due to the weight loss I achieved on Huel or the fact I now do Yoga daily. Hard to tell, sleep is not only effected by what you eat but what is going on in your life, work and personal relationships. For me stress is my biggest sleep killer, once my mind begins to spiral I can spend the whole night just thinking (almost all drivel)

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I’ve always had a hard time to go to sleep and haven’t really noticed much difference, however I juse do huel for lunch… but I’ve had a harder time to actually go to bed, that is I’m more restless befor I go to bed. On the other hand this can likewise be to all the medication I get for my MS :stuck_out_tongue:

But I like you’re theory about less energy consumption for digestion, would be cool if someone could confirm it.

I know this is an old post, but I’ve got similar issues

I would say I’m a 90-95% Huel diet now (with additional whey protein) for the past 3 weeks and I’ve noticed I’m waking up earlier and earlier. I have no issues falling asleep at all, but I’m now waking up at around 03:00-04:30 and sometimes earlier. Last meal of the day is 19:30 which is 3 scoops of unsweetened.

Before I could go to bed at 21:00 and not wake up until 06:00-06:30 (without alarm)


Literally going through the exact same thing and it’s driving me nuts!

I started having Huel just before bed recently and I’m pretty sure it’s F’d my sleep right up. Go to sleep absolutely fine but wake up very early and can not get back to sleep at all. Is it the sugar maybe?
I ran out last week and slept great, so think it’s huel that’s the issue.

Huh, are you just sleeping less but energy level is the same, or are you more tired because of it?

Why on Earth would you eat just before bed?

Don’t mean to insult, genuinely curious…

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No offence taken. Just more of a snack if I’m hungry, as well as getting all the vits etc in Huel. It’s not a good idea I take it!?

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Definitely more tired.

Eating anything late/before be means your digesting in your sleep which can make you more lethargic in the morning because your body has been busy all night digesting your food and not doing everything else it needs to at night.

If I had a meal before I went to bed I would feel terrible. Huel or not. Definitely wouldn’t sleep properly.

My last meal ( Huel ) of the day is between 6+7 PM, I don’t sleep well if I have it late on. Plus I would have to get up a lot in the night for a pee. I would feel absolutely battered the following morning. Just changing my bedding now then going to grab my Huel out the fridge, yummy mint choc. Huel duvet cover would be good :thinking:


Ditto. Sometimes Huel, sometimes regular food. Tonight it was Red Thai curry. If I went to bed straight after that. Well, doesn’t bear thinking about :woozy_face:

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Last meal a day for me on Huel would be around 9 PM, going to bed around 11 PM.
I sleep less since starting Huel, but am well-rested and energetic more than before.

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I have insomnia and Huel actually makes me sleep better, it makes me sleepy and the sleep is deeper. The only problem is that it also makes me pee more, so I have to be careful about the amount of water.

Sometimes I do sleep less with Huel, but not because of the product, but because I have not eaten enough and I wake up with hunger.



As someone with intermittent insomnia I’ve tried everything to figure out what it is: I went through a period 3 years or so ago of having one or two cans of Monster Energy every damn day. I’ve assumed that since the insomnia started after I quit that it’s some sort of caffeine withdrawal thing lasting… a very long time. Makes no sense, I know, but I watch my food and have tried exercising at different times and alternating room temperature but nothing used to stop my insomnia.

Since starting on Huel two weeks ago I haven’t had insomnia once. Not once. That’s honestly life changing for me.


I had sleeping difficulties for a long time and in 2007 I did some research into it and the overwhelming advice was not to eat anything 2 hours before bedtime. On the rare occasion now I do end up eating something close to bedtime I can’t sleep unless my body has processed that food.

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I noticed my deep sleep cycles were actually improved shortly after starting original Huel according to a sleep monitor that I use.

What sleep monitor do you use?

I run at about 8 to 830 pm then have a Huel Black and 2 litres of water then bed by 10.

I sleep terribly. Wake in the night and wake up at about 6 then try and doze until as late as possible. Usually about 7 or 8.

Feel knackered all day.

Not blaming the Huel as it’s always been like that.

But obviously doing something wrong!