Captain Raymond Holt on the subject of food

I’ve been a Huel fan for a while (and have wished for the concept to exist since I was a kid who hated eating). I’ve been watching Brooklyn Nine Nine, and just a while ago saw this absolutely delightful remark from Captain Raymond Holt:

I have zero interest in food. If it were feasible, my diet would consist entirely of flavorless beige smoothies containing all the nutrients required by the human animal.

That brought a smile to my face.


Damn… Thats me… Well some of the hardcore huelingans in this forum.


Said it before, perfect chance for product placement ha

Hahaha yeah. I loved that one when I saw the series XD

:laughing: I love 99! And this scene gets me every time! Have you seen the episode yet where he brings “Nutrition Bricks” in? Absolute gold.

We should make Captain Holt our celebrity brand ambassador.

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Oh yes, the Nutrition Bricks! Original No Flavour and Whole Wheat No Flavour, no less. Even more hardcode than most of us on the forum here.

That’s a brand that’d sell like crazy.

A nutrition brick should be at least 400kcal :smiley:

If that is the case I’m in

I wonder if a company can start using the Nutrition Bricks brand now - they already have some free product placement in advance!

Unbelievably, wasn’t registered.

I’ve bought it, might have a play around with it at some point.


Jajajajjajaja incredible. If you are really planning to do something I am in.

Take my money